Happy New Year … !!! … well we’ll see now won’t we … !?! … by Big Virge 2/1/09

Firstly, I have to send a couple of shouts out to Katie, Fi, Barbs and The Wheelie boys ….. those who’ve showed love to the Virge not only over the holiday period but also on the regular b’cos in all truth I have heard and seen and met some very different peeps over the last month or so !!!

Firstly, I have to shout out a man whose known me a very long time who chose a very strange moment to state that I am the, and I quote, “Most negative person he knows” ………. (cheers mate !?!) which ofcourse was followed by, ” I didn’t mean it man !!! “, Hmmmm ???? why do people do that stuff eh ..?.. if you don’t mean it don’t say it right ? (Maybe that’s the reason he chose to make one comment and not come back to this site having stated that my poetry takes you to places you don’t want to go ……. maybe that should be where HE doesn’t want to go eh !?!

Anyway ….. yawn yawn ….. beyond this, I also had a rather drunk woman tell me at a New Years Eve party , “You’re scary so go and scare my husband and make him change the music !” Now being New Years I let it slide but when will these types of white girls get it out of their head that because a black guy isn’t clean shaven and walking around with a big grin on his face that we’re scary !!!

I’ve also been told that I’m arrogant and should perhaps tone down my arrogant words …. well that again proves how little people listen to, or …. read my words but hey that’s okay.

I just wonder in amongst these individuals musical or sporting heroes, how many of them would be where they were / are without a little arrogance or as I prefer to call it, “self-belief”.

It’s amazing how many people you also meet who are into this talking over people thing as if they never get heard anywhere else, so the first time anybody is actually trying to engage in conversation with them they choose not to reciprocate but to be rude and just talk for talking sake …. to me, THAT’S ARROGANCE !!!, in fact maybe it’s just proof of self-esteem issues ????

The reason I say that is b’cos I’ve also recently met a follower … sorry, that should be “student” of Abu Hamza’s as he told a group of us, who was one pointing the arrogance finger in my direction.

He was a most interesting charachter who like most issue ridden individuals would rather not face questions or criticism but would rather issue them in a less than respectful manner in someone elses home ???

Makes you wonder about people and what really goes on inside peoples lives that fuels their minds and levels of thinking ??? ….. well it does me anyway …..

I also met a soldier from the Irish guard who seemed quite proud of the fact that if you trace back through most British or American leaders their heritage would seem to trace back to the Emerald Isle.

I’ve also had the happy news that I am a Grand Uncle whateva that is ??? but well done to Adrian and his young partner who’ve brought a beautiful little man into this crazy world …. Good luck to you all ! However, on the flipside of that I also found out that my half sister Adrian Jnr’s Grandmother has joined the cops !!!!!

I know …. !!!! ….. what can I say apart from she is only my “HALF” sister … !!! … nah but jokes aside she is as far as I am aware …. a good person and has received positive feedback from those within the community she covers regarding their relief in seeing her when police presence was requested so maybe there is a positive side to having black folk in the Met ???

However, as I said to her, it will never really sit comfortably with me but hey …. we all have to follow the paths that we feel comfortable with.

So suffice to say it’s been a most interesting end to 2008 and one that leads me to thinking 2K9 is gonna test many minds and pockets clearly as I was told that virtually all the office staff at one of my old places of work, closely affiliated to what was Woolworths were ushered out of there offices just before Christmas …. and redundancy awards being hoped for fell somewhat short of what was expected …. Ouch ….. !!!!

Now as for me feeling sorrow for those who were quick to proetct the big wigs to get rid of peeps like me ….. need you ask …. Errrrrrrr ….. nooootttttttt ….

Lie in bed with the devil and protect him then don’t complain when he turns on ya …… !!!!

So, negative …. no …. but a realist …. YES …. !!!!

Reality has always been hard for people to deal with I guess but what you gonna do when you have no choice but to deal with it ….. a question that may not be avoidable in the coming months of the progressive globalisation of the world.

We face many challenges ahead clearly and discussions are clearly escalating to arguments and assholes sorry that should be opinions being aired that perhaps shouldn’t be without a little more thought.

This website and the opinions on it are never …. I repeat …. NEVER above criticism !!!! but be warned !!! be careful what you say cos yes like a – holes I will have an opinion that will be fuelled with thought not thoughtless rhetoric …..

It’s easy to say the first thing that enters your mind people …. try thinking first in 2K9 don’t walk with the blind try walking with your eyes open wide.

So having got all the crap out of mine here’s something positive to leave you with ….

The best conversations I’ve had over the holiday period have been with minds of the future …. “young minds” …. who see the world as a place for them to develop, not only themselves but the things they hope for …. and having spoken to a few young minds over the holiday, I can say this people, hope springs eternal in the minds of the young who are being guided in positive open environments …. the youth cannot and should not be continually blamed for things they have little control over !!!

Maybe it’s time for the allegedly older wiser heads to take their heads out of the sand and start to talk with and communicate with our young people openly b’cos as with adults there are some who really are good and they are the future …. truth breeds more truth and that is what’s needed for tomorrow’s youth ……….

Think about it ppl ….. and live good in 2K9

Peace y’all …..

The Virge ….. out …..

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