“Vibes” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, we have a world now, full of vibes, creating all kinds of craziness, in this world that we live in !

From Beirut Bombs, to the usual issues of corruption in politics, creating social unrest, violence, and more and more protests, all over the world !

The vibes around race, are going from reminiscing, and reinvigorating the idea of black beauty, that stemmed from movements in the 60’s and 70’s, to the current vibes that are causing certain DJ’s, to quit working for the BBC, due to their airing, N Bombs, that were allegedly spoken, by the individuals who chose to attack a Black NHS Worker, in a hit and run in Bristol !

Well firstly, if it was said, what’s the problem exactly ?

As for once, there’s some accurate, honest British News Reporting, on racism issues !

As usual, it seems as though, certain black people are very confused about things, unlike the young man who chose to, KNOCKOUT, this abuse giving white guy, on a train in London yesterday, as he and his friends left the train.

Quite the right cross, my young brother’ … !!!!

Anyway, it seems to be alright to get paid by these institutions, like the BBC, that have happily paid people to promote the type of crap, that makes blacks look like idiots, from time to time !

However, when a racist attack occurs, the truth should be blurred from ears and eyes ???

As said, vibes that make very little sense to me !

However, as Black Issues continue to reach more and more people, the confusion seems to be increasing, as is the case with gender, and of course, the Corona Situation, which seems to be under control one minute, and then … Out of Control, the next !!!

So now, examination results are causing stress, because of assessed, ” PROJECTED Results “, that students may, or may not of gotten, had the virus not rocked education, like everything else this year ?

Things are just SO CRAZY, right about now, from race to getting paid, as redundancy vibes start to affect, more and more lives …

Well … APPARENTLY … ?!?

So, as we are in a time of much sadness, anger and madness …

This week’s piece takes me back to a less crazy time, however, one where I was equally as inclined to write, as I am now, although, for a change, this was a night where everything was nice ….

SO NICE, that this is a piece, that we could do with more of, in these days and times, that drops cool rhymes, that reflect on happiness and more POSITIVE …

……… “ Vibes “ …….

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