“Industry” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, as things continue to find their place in the…

“ NEW NORMAL “ …..

…. which now seems to be indulging in a lot of, ” Black Lives, This and That ….

It’s truly incredible to now hear some of the stories from whites and blacks, about the issues they’ve had with racism, that much like the #MeToo brigades, were not things they chose to display, as soon as they occurred ???

The case of Alexandra Burke, is an interesting one, because it seems that, prior to winning, whatever she won, that subsequently, she’s had a number of things said, and asked of her, like,

BLEACHING her skin….

… to make her more appealing to her white fanbase !!!

Like, REALLY … ???

… Which, of course, due to FEAR, she only now feels as though she can let the world know about !?!

Also, the type of music she’s put out, has also been subject to some questionable comments and suggestions, as to how to make it more accessible to white minds !!!


Obviously, as I’ve recently posted, it would seem that maybe, Ricky Gervais was right, when assessing that a very illustrious crowd of entertainers, at a prestigious awards show….

Were, Huh Hmmm …

All racist anyway !!!

However, what it also indicates is that a lot of these, so called artists, are simply, products to be put to market, but only to CERTAIN MARKETS, which they seem to happily, comply with, without any problem.

So, it’s a little rich to be suggesting that these things were, soul destroying….

Etcetera, Etcetera….

…. when pay checks were accepted, ahead of standing for something BIGGER, like our wishes to simply be ourselves, especially on artistic stages !?!

Furthermore, are we supposed to believe that these individuals have been making any kind of effort, to bring other black talents to the fore ???

Hardly seems likely now, does it … ???

Money, over artistic integrity, seems to be a very prevalent problem with black artists, as I listen to Macka B explain about the recognition, that, of course there’s a need for money, but, that it shouldn’t and can’t influence what he produces artistically.

A rare individual indeed, it would seem, within the …

…. “ Industry “ ….

…. that, as said, seems to have a rather large number of questionable white folks, whose jokes and pranks, when it comes to blacks, go way beyond being offensive, in many cases.

I also want to say that, much like the statue removal nonsense, do entertainment groups think that pulling programmes NOW, that could be deemed inappropriate for people to see, that have made them and the performers money, and have been shown for years and years on screens globally, now means that they’ve eradicated the type of decision makers, who okayed the material at the time …..

I think NOT !!!

These people and groups, are becoming worse than the, ” Cancel Brigades “, whose political correctness, seems to be filled with hypocrisy, and hypocrites, because as anyone with any sense knows, just because you push people, or their ideologies underground, it doesn’t mean that, that’s where they stay !!!

I am one who now, wholeheartedly believes that freedom of speech is WAY MORE IMPORTANT, than trying to control what people are, or how they think, because certain things cannot be changed by anyone, OTHER than the person who holds the opinion or attitude, it’s simple really, i’d rather know who the racists are, than to be walking into rooms, thinking people are cool, only to be treated like a fool.

The crazy thing about all these retractions, and apologies, etcetera, is that these people seem to think that this is some kind of confessional process, that absolves them of all their racist sins…..

Well, NOT on my MF’ing watch… !!!

What you did before, is not something to be just ignored, because it suits who you are trying to be NOW, Uh Uh … !!!

DON’T Even Try It … !!!

Thus, this weeks piece doesn’t focus on the issue of race within the entertainment industry, but the things that I for one, have encountered, that have shown me that it really isn’t about talent, as much as it is about, fitting in with the racists, or compromising your very being, especially if you are black, to get into what is finally being made clear to see, as a highly biased, prejudiced and dare one say, racist, and above all, deeply manipulative…..

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