“Opinions” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay, so the world appears to be SLOWLY, re-opening, however, there are lots of things that have also become open to, restructuring, thus, open to an abundance of opinions !

Opinions obviously, about the Corona Virus, it’s origins and it’s likely devastation… (or not), if you believe The Don, or interestingly, certain Tanzanian Ministers, who seem quite happy to say that folks should congregate to pray and to PARTY, because according to them, the virus is beaten !?!

Opinions eh … ???
DIFFERENT Opinions … !!!

As a man who errs on the side of anything coming from governments, being, at best, agenda driven politricks’, it’s an interesting thing to see and hear the opinions of different leaders at this time.

It’s also interesting to see what creative heads are putting to paper or text, because the spectrum seems to be quite wide.

Some are looking for the sunny side, obviously….

However, the more thoughtful heads are questioning most things that we are being fed by the media and the net, conspiracy theories are flying around with opinions, that, in certain cases, seem to be re-iterating the same things, high profile paedophile rings, being amongst them !

Thus, the questions stirring opinions, are things like, how to restart economies, and this is where the politicians are airing a volume of opinions, which seem to be more important than protective equipment for health workers, accurate testing, a vaccine, and the whole issue of how distancing and quarantine measures can be implemented ?

However, what is the deal with these old white American Politicians eh ???

I mean, Joe Biden has really stirred it up regarding black voters, and what it apparently means to be black in America, when it comes to our political allegiances !!!

So, even in times like these, political opinion is taking up more news headlines than those who die from this … “ Virus “ … !?!

Like … REALLY … ?!!!?

How about this … ???

All political agendas get put on hold until a definitive, and proven cure is found for this …. “ Pandemic “ ….

Huh … ?!?

As they would seem to be insignificant, compared to the spread of this, ” Virus “, which should also surely be, much more important than, who leads after all this, if we are to believe what we are being told by those within political folds, pretty much, all over the world now !

As if they know that this isn’t gonna truly be a pandemic that lasts, and will then in turn, threaten all human life as we know it, one to think on … ???

Of course though, these are just MY opinions, and as I have been, and can be an asshole, just like everyone else, and opinions are frequently associated with them, (Assholes, that is !!!) ….

This weeks spoken word offering, shares a few more of my …..

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