“Need” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, quick question folks !

If the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few !
What exactly is the deal with this Corona Flu … ???

Huh…. HUH …. ?!?

Well, it would seem that the need for certain things is diminishing, however, only for other needs to be fulfilled !!!

Thus, the need for full blown lockdowns is easing, however, this is due to an apparent need to restart the global economy !!!

This, now being placed above peoples health, when their is no cure, or, accurate way to precisely diagnose the causes, and therefore the possible recurrence of this, ” Virus “, from happening, which in turn, opens the door for the continued threat of this global pandemic resurfacing, just as quickly as it came ???

Does none of this seem strange to people …. ???

Like … NOT AT ALL … !?!

Well, people need to remember how this affected us all, before accepting new strategies that humanity again, apparently needs ?

…. like, over zealous police, apps that now, track and map those who’ve got, or, had the virus !!!!

… Or is that to just, TRACK PEOPLE … ?!?

Think on that ones folks ………

There are lots of cloaks and daggers being brandished at the moment, like those surrounding vaccines, and road tests that don’t exactly seem to be quite as, fully operational, in the way that they should be, especially in England ?!?

I am also hearing of people going to what seem like, very scarcely populated hospitals … ?!?

Hmmm, and yet doctors are OVERRUN, to the point where some are taking their own lives … ???

Doesn’t seem right somehow, as it doesn’t, that, LITRES of oxygen were used to help Bojo’ Johnson to get back on his feet !!!

So, essentially, that oxygen which could have helped, MORE VULNERABLE people, was given to him, why because he’s PM … ???

Well at least we know whose important and needed, and who simply isn’t now !

Industries like the airline industry are no longer quite so important to guys like, Billionaire Warren Buffet anymore, as he has made an early declaration, that the travel industry is about to be shaken up, and not in ways that make it easy to make profits, so, funds and investments have been withdrawn post haste, again, apparently ……

However, certain airline heads have merely suggested that there’ll now be a need for, ” CREATIVE Pricing Strategies ” … ???

…. which in my version of their language, simply means radical price increases for flights, as if being quarantined, for days at an end in airports, isn’t gonna be bad enough !!!

Well, with all this going on, it’s time for the world to get back to work, in this new age of slavery !!!!

Yeah I said it, people being tagged by apps, working and schooling being conducted online, and even, staggered time zones for age groups to move around, as will be the case in Spain !!!

However, already, the media is reporting of issues, relating to the easing of lockdown measures, which in Spain, as well as Germany, are already being touted as causing, mini resurgences of new infections, so, who knows what the next level of apparent societal needs, will be, that are imposed on people … ???

It’s such a crazy time in human history that this weeks Big Virge verse, speaks on the vital subject of what humanity and the world as a whole, according to the powers that be, will now most definitely …

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