Developments … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, what’s going on ???

Well, a lot of staring at walls and each other, inside of homes, seems to be the new lik’ … !!!

So a lot of shutdowns are all around now !

It’s a truly incredible thing, to see just how quickly this situation has lead to people isolating ???

These developments of course, have come from governments, and have upped the ante for law enforcement, who are developing a taste for invading folks places, if they’re not obeying what they’ve been told to do !!!

This then leads to the development of reactionary behaviour, from certain members of the public, who aren’t having it, as in this staying at home, and distancing thing !!!

So some are spitting and coughing at law enforcement, and some are apparently, resorting to licking food in supermarkets, to avail more for THEMSELVES … !?!

Takes me back to a guy I was at school with … RIP Marc’ … !!!

The licking of your Twix Chocolate Sticks, will long live in my memory, now more than ever !

However, the development of RELIABLE information, regarding what’s happening in hospital wards, is a whole different thing !!!

Anyways, the development of a number of works on what’s going on are forthcoming, as inspiration flows when stuff like this, has become so prevalent in everyone’s thoughts and discussions …..

However, it can’t and should not be our ONLY Focus, tough as that is to realise in these times, so i’ll keep dropping liks’, long since recorded …..

So, as this weeks post speaks on developments that are arising from this current state of affairs ….

It’s time to look back at a few of my ……

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