“Double Standards” … written & performed by Big Virge

So folks, I will start this weeks web post with my condolences to those mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant !

A truly tragic and sad loss, no matter what you think of him, his past, on and off the court, you cannot deny the Basketball Genius that was Kobe Bryant !

Taken from this world, far too quickly, in my personal opinion, simply from the standpoint of what he could of passed on to the next generations of Basketball players.

Simply …..

R.I.P. Kobe !

So, swiftly moving on, because the double standards seem to be running rife, right about now, from the reports of congressmen and senators, sleeping or actually playing games during this debacle of an impeachment, which doesn’t look at this point, as though The Don will be impeached.

The shocking news to most Democrats, that Bernie Sanders may hold some views, regarding female leadership of America, that won’t get him many female votes !

WHAT am I saying ?!?

If the current President is an ass grabbing, boasting individual, actually voted into office, having confessed to this publicly, well, we now know that anything can happen !

However, Bernie’s alleged suggestion, which he of course, denies, is one that suggests a woman could not become the President !

SHOCK HORROR, an old white dude doesn’t really think that highly of women, well you know where this is going folks, double standards, clearly from his female supporters, as well as himself.

Further evidence of this, has been the slamming, yet again, at an award show, for the lack of respect for black music !!!

Well maybe, instead of pandering to these, allegedly, corruptly run institutions, we should really start investing in supporting our own, with OUR OWN shows and awards, however, PROPERLY Funded and run, instead of cursing those, who have evidently, made these black entertainers, as rich and famous as many have now become, to even be airing such views !

These protests, just don’t wash with me anymore, which leads me to the TCF bank in Detroit, that refused Mr. Sauntore Thomas, an ex US Air Force Veteran, the right to deposit a cheque he received for,

WAIT for it …….

Race Discrimination from his previous employer …..

…. only to find that a female, African American Employee, by all accounts, decided that maybe a few calls should be made, whilst Mr. Thomas was made to wait, only to find out that, not only was he gonna be denied the right to deposit his cheque, but that he was to be, subsequently questioned about fraud by the police, who had been secretly called, but suddenly, upon finding out the truth, dropped their investigation !

Black Lives what …. ???

Yeah OKAY Folks…..

Well as his lawyer has confirmed, it’s just another case of the recurring issue of …. ” Banking While BLACK “, which seems to still be an offence in certain institutions, due to their training and treatment of black customers, just INCREDIBLE !!!!!

We also have the issue of Ugandan Climate Activist, Vanessa Nakate’s fresh claim of media racism, due to being cropped out of a photo, that she was actually in, with Greta Thunberg no less, that Associated Press felt, due to a BUILDING being BEHIND her, that her presence would be DISTRACTING.

Hmmm, nice work guys, no double standards there then either right ?

Finally, not so much a case of double standards, but to me one of incredibly bad standards, which is the news that students at Sheffield University, are to be paid, basically ten pounds an hour to help stop micro aggressions, i.e RACIST Language, that is the type of subtle swipe at people of a different race, that many find offensive.

Hmmm ….

These students are to be called … ” Race Equality Champions ” …

Well, if as I keep getting told, the youngsters of Britain are not remotely racist anymore, why the sudden need to deal with, in terms of racist speech, what is now being said to be an apparently, COMMON OCCURRENCE, for many foreign students, who also claim to be treated as cash cows for universities across the country.

The classic British Double Standard that the Brits love to maintain, of it’s worse elsewhere, because they refuse to acknowledge the stench of their colonialist ideals and legacy, that just cannot be removed from a nation, that is so proud of having such roots, even in todays world.

So, this piece deals mainly with England, as it’s where I was grown, but it speaks on the global double standards that are a growing problem for foreigners, of varying shades and degrees, in most places, funnily enough EXCEPT for, white people ….

So, it’s time to talk about their …..

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