Obviously I’ve got to talk a little about Kanye !!! written by Big Virge 14/09/09

Folks, this is basically from a couple of posts I made on the Guardian’s online web page where, my alias there is, again, “Viegler”, so you can catch more of my thoughts on there !!!

Well, Kanye certainly knows how to draw attention to himself and upset people … !!!! … but, to me, sad as it must be for those black people who are trying to represent articulate, coherent, upwardly mobile images of themselves, in this wave of Obama’s rise to power, they must surely be, mortified !!!

However, as a fan of less popular hip hop, from a commercial perspective, it has done nothing but bring some credence to the idea that black artists who choose to put their version of uncomfortable truths to hip hop music, as, perhaps being a little more respectful than a media driven Jay-Z affiliated, “Hip Pop”, rapper, embraced by many who would probably of been the biggest critics of Hip Hop before Kanye’s rise to prominence.

I have nothing particularly against, “Sir West” as he’s bound to be demanding to be called soon, or his music but, it lacks what true Hip Hop producers such as Pete Rock & DJ Premier give, which is a taste of the struggle, simply through the music they create, let alone the lyricists they choose to work with who confirm their lyrical content.

So, his behaviour towards Ms. Swift’s award should be no surprise really, it clearly was disrespectful in the worst kind of way, and for what !?! a video which is subject to opinion … !?! … unlike, record sales, which could now, in, “Sir West’s case, be the result of manipulation by marketeers and music business connections, rather than by what people are actually listening to and illegally downloading, as opposed to buying.

As for this, “Sista defence theory”, he needs to maybe focus more on, Ms Roses quite fine derriere, rather than trying to protect Beyonce’s, as Ms. Amber Rose may well slip through his ego filled hands if he’s not careful, and with the behind that she has, it would simply prove that something’s very wrong in Kanye world !!!

He clearly is getting, so ego filled that, his head may explode soon !

So don’t worry folks, it might not be too long before these kind of award episodes are a thing of the past which I for one, as a black artist would welcome for sure !!!

“Sir West”, however, did cry out for black folks after Katrina when GW was doing his thing, so yes, race probably is his reasoning for being a complete Jack Rabbit in the headlights but, Hennessy or a Drug induced state could also be a likely reason for his arrogant and disrespectful antics !!!

I’m black and don’t believe the race card has, ANY VALIDITY in this, he really was, let me say it again, disrespectful to Ms Swift as clearly she doesn’t control the voting now does she ?

Well, let’s hope not …!?! …

There is though, the rumour that all three artists are actually on the same label, which would explain quite a lot … !?!

Anyway, as for Beyonce winning another award for shaking her ass, well, as said previously, Amber Rose, Kanye’s bit, unbelievably … !!!!!!!! … should be the one shaking her ass for awards, which I believe she does, to be on Kanye’s arm, which says a lot about him, doesn’t it … !!! …

However, she’d be in my blackberry if I was him !!!!!

As for Beyonce doing a video worth an award …. yeah right, come on people, let’s get real yeah … !!! …

if you think back to the Eminem / Bruno nonsense recently, MTV playing the, “let’s create something controversial to have everyone, wanting to watch future shows, just in case vibe”, is clever and clearly something that’s working … !!! … as this subject is going crazy pretty much everywhere, with all kinds of racist, non-racist and just downright stupid comments being made.

These individuals are pop stars people, come on, “Sir West”, is now, no more Hip Hop than Vanilla Ice was, and no less of a race controversy, barely worth discussing !!!

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