“Murder Murder Murder Kill Kill Kill” … written & performed by Big Virge

So folks, as time moves on, the manner of apparent, human development, does not separate itself from the ways in which people choose to Murder & Kill …

So, just to pick a couple of things out, that caught my eye over the last couple of days, whilst most get caught up in D-Day whatever, and Trump reaching the UK …..

Pffff …

The Sudanese are being given marching orders by the African Union, after allegedly having protestors shot dead in the capital, Khartoum.

Apparently, over a hundred people !!!

All this, over these political factions, whose desire for power, seems to have them forgetting, that, killing those who oppose you, may not in the end, result in you having so many to control ….

The irrational nature of these actions, and where they stem from, truly baffle and disturb, as does the case of the Fentanyl Doctor, Dr. William Husel … !!!

Fentanyl Folks, which I keep seeing and hearing, popping up in TV Shows i’ve perused of recent, so be aware !!!

Well, whatever he was, he decided, again allegedly, to overdose patients, without any authorisation, or consultation, in Ohio !

Again, the volume of people he has allegedly killed, murdered, or, put to sleep, as it were, is truly, just ridiculous, and a disgrace !

So, whilst he awaits whatever due process, to establish his guilt, it seems we really aren’t learning, regarding the maintenance of the highest protocols, when it comes to taking care of our elderly people, or, the usage of force by military groups, against the populous, who in many cases now, are merely showing their lack of faith in the political processes of the world, as we’ve seen from France to Africa, respect for life is in a disturbing place, from state perspectives, globally.

Meanwhile, The Trumpster’, has been trying to woo the queen, and those who seem to have very little issue with welcoming, such a vilified character, into their country, homes, and of course, private discussions, about the future, while the likes of Piers Morgan, praise his ability to stave of military conflict … ???

Well, if all this doesn’t disturb you enough, the youth are as ever, causing more and more injuries and fatalities, while the politicians bicker amongst themselves.

So, just once more, I preach to the youth here, more than anyone else ….

THINK, and COMMUNICATE, before getting irate and resorting to sealing someone’s fate ….


and STOP All This Murder & Killing !!!

Take a listen ….

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