And … What About This … !?! … written by Big Virge 10/09/09

The below is a story worth looking at if you’re a promoter or an aspiring artist.

I mean, what the F**k … is this … !?!

It’s not enough that they’ve stopped smokers wanting to go out, but now they just want X Craptor type events for their manufactured acts to have their pink pound type luvvies go to …!?! … where they can have fun without us darker skinned rough and tumble troublemakers being there to disturb their good times !?!

Well, to be honest if that’s what it is, then hey, that’s what it is, cos I ain’t about to find my ass at any of their events, no matter how black the girl may be, that they’re happy to have up on stage showing off her bod as well as their, in most cases, “limited”, artistic skills, to gain some kind of racial credibility.

The serious nature of, “Form 696”, should not be underestimated, what do they mean they need to have the names, telephone numbers and addresses of those performing … ? … why exactly … ? … to intimidate artists who perhaps have the ability to draw crowds because their material is strong enough to stir people beyond a F’ing Simon Cowell put down !!!

Let’s not forget that this was a police tactic that actors from the, “Road to Guantanamo Movie”, suffered upon returning to the UK from an award show in Germany, where they’d won awards for their perfomances in the movie … !!!

As an artist who likes the freedom artistic expression gives, it is a little disconcerting, because, the underlying purpose would seem to be to frighten artists from saying what they want to say because the first comment that could be seen as even slightly inflammatory could have you up on some list alongside Bin Laden as a threat to peoples’ security !?!

This policy has been running since 2k5 … !!! … which would seem to be suitably close to the era of terror attacks being a daily threat people should be fully aware of as being a, “threat to their very existence … !!!!!!”.

Hmmmm … ??? … doesn’t that seem even slightly funny to you folks cos it Motha Funkin does to this man !?!

Ofcourse, many events of an, “urban”, nature have been and gone since then, but the idea that this form, and the policing policy that then surrounds the details received about events on this 696 … yup, 696 (3 sixes basically) form, “saves lives”, is, “laughable”, at best.

Gunman who want someone, could just have followed the person they want to shoot and then shoot them at such events because of the cover this provides, I mean where better to attack someone and get away with it than at a crowded event ?

Even Johnny F’ing English could see that !!!!!

Police intelligence should maybe be spent, stopping the guns and knives and the gangs who perpetrate these crimes at street level, rather than targeting events where the vast majority of people just want to see their favourite artists perform, and are actually going to the event for that soul purpose !!!

As for, “Grime”, well, maybe the Police should just impress upon music industry execs, the importance of, minimizing, the excessive promotion of artists who represent such forms of music, which, I hasten to add is not something this artist feels warrants any kind of high brow exposure when there is so much more to artistic creativity from a so-called, “Urban” perspective.

In the end, it does reflect on the artists who rep this kind of creativity though, reflections on society is one thing, repping violent acts and anything surrounding such subject matter is not artistry in my opinion !!!!!

To me, the best way to stop this kind of thing being necessary for artists to use to gain exposure, is to promote something stronger that has a more positive outlook on dealing with the stresses of living within societal deprivation.

Tough as it is, it clearly can be done. Having not heard the full Speech Debelle album I cannot fully comment, but, from what I’ve heard she is being more than challenging to such ideals being the only ones a disadvantaged background can fuel artistically.

Q-Tip from the famed, Tribe Called Quest, basically said it best,

“Stop frontin’ like you’re a gangsta when you know you got people you care about who you’d hate to see become a victim of that violent chit you talking, because you know that you’ve cried before and will cry again if someone you care about is taken from you over some bullchit, come on y’all !!!”.

(Unless that really is you … !!! … If so then be that ! Just don’t get caught fakin’ the stunts if you truly aren’t ready to do the time yeah !)

A very honest and truthful statement, that would stand firm against those who enjoy bringing this violent stigma to, “Urban”, events and artistry.

The biggest street gang on road … !!!! … better known as the, “Po Po”,who seem to want to now come to events with form in hand, talking bout’, “shut this down cos you’ve got that, “gangsta rap” crowd or that, disruptive and anti-social “Grime” crowd coming, who are renowned for trouble”.

Don’t get me wrong, anything that is deemed as bringing a, black dominated crowd, will draw the Po Po, that’s for sure, but it’ll probably be a little easier to, F**K them off if what we rep is actually a unified group who deem violence to be the last option unless, unlawfully provoked by the said parties who are claiming they have good reason to shut down the jam, “Yeah I said it … !!! …”, cos this is coming like some kind of control that is a form of victimisation beyond the edict of trying to stop where violence emanates from.

This is a form of censorship that decides who gets to say what they want to say because of who follows them ?

Well, that’s just pretty F’d up to me !

I suggest you think long and hard about the implications of this, especially artists whose names will now surely be listed alongside people who have no relation to you in terms of their viewpoints or their activities beyond their artistic creations.

This is just more of these, ever increasing, “Police State”, tactics that are restricting peoples’ supposed, basic civil liberties.

Just one more thing I need to say on this matter, no artist who recognises and respects that title wants people to be hurt because of their art, unless they are exactly the opposite of what a true creator is, artistry revolves around creativity not destruction of lives or anything else for that matter.

As for …… Form 696 …… It’s just an absolute crock !!!!

Laterzzzzzzz y’all


Big V

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  1. Ry Says:
    September 13th, 2009 at 3:49 am

    Hey. I came by way of Livejournal… you left a comment on one of my journals. (Here: )

    I just wanted to say I think you’re doing a good thing here. You’re setting an example for so many people, people who might otherwise try to find an outlet in violence and crime. I think society has a lot of problems, but those problems need to be talked about and worked out between groups in a non-violent way. Your music brings good messages across in a direct manner, which is also good because too many times people ignore the real issues because it’s difficult to deal with. You put them out there and call for discussion. I really respect that.

    Nice to meet you, Big Virge. I’ll be keeping an eye on your postings. I hope to hear more excellent wisdom from you. Drop me a line if you ever want to talk, okay?

    ~ Ry

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