Yeah I’m back at ya people … !!! … written by Big Virge 10/09/09

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks peeps, been doing a bit of promo work as visual images have not been available of me before now so, you know, been trying to make the right types of peeps aware.

Also have been Tweeting a lil’ bit, as Twitter seems to be another means of self promotion for every1 from, artists to companies, peddling their brand of money making schemes to those who choose to follow them in the hope of making a fast buck, SUCKERS … !!!! …

Anyhow, as said b4 for those of you on Twitter I’m there as, Viegler, a nickname from the good ol’ days.

It’s a funny old world … !!!! … the Twitter world, very clique as you’d expect, friends following friends but it’s amazing how many sites are spamming just to get promotion !!!

F’ing porn spammers … !!!!! …. be they somewhat entertaining are seriously annoying !!!

It’s not as if they haven’t got enough pop ups and adult friend finder adverts on every site from those illegal download sites to any site even remotely connected to sex but they have def got their site administrators working hard on keeping their web addresses popping up as following people on twitter.

So just a quick update on me, now, back to the serious stuff that’s got ….

Mother Uckers runnin’ to the hills/cos they be lacking/the strength of will/to fight for their rights/in these troubled times.

Peace y’all


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