Well, welcome to the world of Big Virge

Well here it is and here I am !!!

A spoken word man who speaks it as he sees it, so, if things you hear my mind express cause you offence please do as the site says . . . . and show ” RESPECT “

I’m an artist who talks about the world and it’s harshness through simple use of ” LIGHT ” and ” DARKNESS “

I speak about the world, women and girls and yes my poems do talk about men but about our moves . . . . that . . . . . . in some cases . . . . . need to improve !!!!

but remember the koo, they’re just my views so if you reply please do what’s right !!!

Express about things you like and dislike but please be nice and you might just find your views posted . . . . upon this site.

I’m about ” RESPECT ” . . . !!!! please don’t forget what this site says, we all have opinons just like ” A . . holes ” so please don’t show disrespect in your comments, speak your mind ofcourse oh yes !!!! but remember the koo this ain’t about you but rhymes I use to air my views so if it ain’t for you, you know what to do . . . !!! press click and move to a site that’s views . . . suit things you’d rather choose to . . . . listen to.

But for those of you who like my rhymes, do what’s right and spread the word of the brother Big Virge to . . . . conscious herds !!!!!

That’s it for now but now you’ve found a site that sounds and strictly moves with thoughts that prove that I’m a dude who deals in truth !!!! . . . . MY TRUTH . . . . okay . . . . !!!!

That’s it for today, stay cool and safe and remember this site cos this is ” MY ” . . . . ” SPACE “

Peace and love y’all

F these topmen and all their talk !!!!

Stay cool everyone, you know the koo !!!

Signing off cos I’m the boss

Big Virge

Unity and Peace …. remember what you’ve heard !!!!

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One Response to “Well, welcome to the world of Big Virge”

  1. Martyn Jones Says:
    November 16th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    finally you’re on the web…I hope that people are holding onto their hats as once people start reading your material then the world will become a far more realistic place than the “bubble” most people live in at the moment……

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