Take Some … Fa Fuks sake … !!!


What’s good people !?!

Ya know, these days, i’m just trying to live life, without the strife, but damn it man !!!

Mother Fuckers are really trying to run talk, like i’m some kind of … F’ing Sucker !!!

They say, “apologies & forgiveness”, are good things to embrace, but, what about when the apologies are repetitive, thus, worthless … !!! …

How much forgiveness are people supposed to show, and, what the fuk for ?!?

I have never been one for using messaging to express an opinion, unless it’s the only way you can communicate … ???

…. but, especially now that Skype & the like, exist, and the fact that there, now seem to be more phones in homes than people, you’d think that with mobile phones becoming like some peoples’ third arm, people would actually want to use them for talking, rather than, “Messaging’ …

Ahhhh but, that’s the point right … !!?!!

It’s the PERFECT mechanism to ….. “Hide Behind”, but, as I said in a recent post, “keeping”, peoples’ messages, is where it all gets fuk’d up right, because ….

What’s in black and white, has got be right … hasn’t it ???

Accountability …. is there a problem … ???

I’m harping on about the same ol’ things, but, god damn it people, Standards Man … !!!!!

….. me done start the year with, That Message … !!! …

and it really seems like, (and sadly, it’s not always the fully fledged “Duppies’), some of these Mother Fuckers are supposedly, “Intelligent People ???”, but, as “Wiser Heads”, have always told me, intellect, is not necessarily linked to …. ” Common Sense ” …. !!!

What a f’ing problem that is ???

All these people, acting as though they are helping, when in fact, what they are really doing is pretending to help, whilst actively hindering your ability to move forward, or essentially, blocking your ability to progress, i’m getting older and wiser daily, and it is a very interesting place that i’m in, able to observe, whilst living my own life freely, which I guess is why men be talking bout’, “robbing or shooting my ass”, because of what, honesty & straight expression ???

It is a very interesting thing looking at the world of hollywood and actors, and the, “Professional Lying”, that they are exceptional at, that, billions of us, enjoy and observe, but, how many are observing and how many are are actually, watching a version of themselves, in their eyes, on screen, and using that as their, “Vehicle of Escape”.

Yes, we have bought into the sights & sounds of TV, film & theatre, for that matter, in many cases, being, “escapism”, but, these days, it becomes more and more apparent, how many people see their lives on screen & use it as their way to absolve themselves from the fukry they do, so, then of course, that fav word of mine, ” Denial “, gets busy, denial of basic & very obvious truths.

The mind of a slave is a very distorted thing, they believe themselves to be many things that they clearly are not, many have enslaved their own mentalities by buying into their own hype, let alone that of the screens, that many attempt to live their lives through.

I do it just like the rest, but the realness of what I have been through makes me less than keen to buy into hype filled dramas, I deal with those things that deal with the dark truths that many refuse to take on as being a version of reality.

I was joking with a friend about the silver f’ing linings & fluffy clouds that mother fuckers be living on, as if they can stand on a f’ing cloud !!!!!

Come back down to earth just for a bit folks and smell what y’all be shovelling, cos I ain’t trying to have that stench round me, come on now, as Talib Kweli done say, “You got self-esteem issues, deal with that chit at home. on your own !!!, not through demands from others, to bail you out after your inability to deal with what you should have, a long time ago !!!

This is not a time to be playing with peoples efforts to achieve things, as they say,

“If you don’t want to do the time, don’t commit the crime !”

So many people are falling back into old habits because they’ve become, “A Habitual Ritual !!!”.

NOT COOL !!!!!!!!!

….. and definitely not the way to be dealing with partnerships, be they business, or otherwise.

This stuff is f’ing basic people !!!!!

Deal with things straight up, not on some, Hampton Court Maze pish !!!

“Oh, but, it’ll be FUN … running around a maze of fukry for a day !!!”,

…. when you’ve got shit that needs doing !!!

i’m getting very concerned because there seems to be a huge amount of fukwits within my generation who are f’ing parents … !!!!!!

Blame the children … REALLY … ???!???

Not when so few seem willing to do what they’re supposed to !!!

Which is …..

“Take Accountability”, for promises made, deals that have been agreed, and most importantly, ensuring that their relationships are …. ” NOT ” …. founded on, a bunch of lies, or, apologies, that are constantly repeated !!!

Isn’t that what happens in abusive relationships,

“Did he BEAT YOU … AGAIN !!!?!!!”

“Ahhh but he’s really sorry, i’m gonna give him another chance !!!”

…. Errrrr ….. Nooooooooooooo !!!!!

There is a time to try & a time to recognize & say … Goodbye !!!!

But …. to be able to do that ….

It’s not just these perpetrators who need to deal, but, all of us who need to … when it comes to … Accountability …. be willing to …..

be honest with ourselves, regarding our choices & actions, and …..

Take some … Fa fuk’s sake !!!!!

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