George Lamming … A Bajan Hero … ???

Hmmm ….

Incredible that, up until very recently, I had no knowledge of this man !!!!!

A Bajan Hero, apparently …. ???

Hmmm … funny that, but, at least some people appreciate the mind & works of a man who, clearly, should have more respect paid to him by, this, Oh so PROUD …. Independent Island of Barbados …..

Proud of … “Fukry”, but, not so proud of men of substance, like Mr Lamming, from what i’ve learned about him, thus far …..

A Bajan man I am HAPPY, to have some sense of connection to …. who has apparently refused to accept hero status from the powers that be here in Barbados !!!

More power to him I say …. may he live and convey more wisdom, for many years to come.

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