It would seem to be THAT time … written by Big Virge 15/4/2013

It would most certainly appear to be a period of, “Challenging Times”, all round right now !!!

…. well, except for, of course,

“THAT” ….

Echelon of folks, who, still have money in abundance, as C-Rock said, being rich … is one thing … “Having Wealth”, is a totally different ballpark !!!!!

Anyway, the let downs of 2013 continue to show themselves, thus far !!!

Those pretending to give a shit about more than their own existence & their families internal bullpish, who then resort to, the eternal excuses ….

Yawn Yawn ….

We’ve all done it at times, made excuses, or, taken to lying to hide our guilt, or shame, due to actions taken, that, should not have been !!!

Like, let’s say, claiming to have personal issues, which, yes, on the surface, appear to be what’s ruling their current, irrational behaviour.

“Oh, but, I NEED … YOUR HELP man, cos i’ve been helping you out, haven’t I …. ???”

Well, yes, in some instances, these people may have helped you in the past, but, even then, their version of help seems to revolve around doing things in their own timescale, and, when they are slightly out of joint with their own timescales/promises, it’s okay for them to dismiss any chance of you having a right to clap them down, because hey,

“They’re trying …. !!!!!!
but, “Things are hard !!!!!!”

Things are hard for the majority dickwad !!!!!

Recognise & deal.

Yes, there are variable degrees of what we all define as hard in our lives, however, as time goes on, the reality is, what do, “These People”, truly know about, “Hard Times !”, when they continually set themselves up for falls on a recurring basis – F’ing Cuntholes !!!!!

Then they’ve got the the cheek, invariably, to be talking bout’, “We bredrins”, or, even worse,

“Let me make sure you get prioritised !”, by putting you on some extra important, VIP mailing list …. Yawn ….

…. because when all’s said and done, the actions that then ensue are the ones that matter !!!

It seems apparent, that, people forget what others are … or, have gone through, to the extent that, Their Fukry …. which, in most cases, seems to have a more straightforward course of evolution, as in, they brought the shit on themselves, is where the denial begins.

The usual bailout calls or texts, or worse, mails, are sent, the sob stories start to flow & then the guilt trips begin …..

“Oh you’ve got change, so, give me what you have so I can do what I want to”

…. normally, appease their baby mother, wife, or, whichever bitch they have in tow, that, has them under the thumb, or worse, under the same ol’ psychological bullshit, most women be running, when ill health comes, or, the looks fade, the game has always been the same, but, for some reason, it does appear that these Mo’ Fukkas are exposing themselves readily now, as if they can, because pretty much all that surrounds them …. is f’kd up, or, going that way sharpish !!!

I’m truly not an ungrateful fella, but, I do take issue with liberties being taken with my good will and generosity.

Well, “Good Times”, are here, cos’ that’s about to STOP, permanently.

Pick up the f’ing slack people, if you say you’re going to do something, do it, if you can’t or don’t want to, then f’ing say so !!!!!

As a bird flusters herself in my kitchen, having flown in … The vibration of not entering zones where you aren’t comfortable, comes to mind.

I’ve had some truly enlightening experiences since 2013 began, maybe 13 is gonna be unlucky for me, but, something tells me it’s gonna be a lot worse for a lot of these weak-hearted pussies, who are running around like headless f’ing pricks, trying to do, as Snoop would say …. “Too Much !!!”

It is … what it is … I guess ???

… but … in terms of peoples lives & actions being clearly defined ….

Right now would appear to be … THAT TIME !!!


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