When will folks learn … !?! … written by Big Virge 12/05/2009

So, MP’s have been robbing taxpayers money for everything from 2nd homes to chandeliers for these homes … !!! … and the House of Commons leader is now deemed to be unfit for his role by some of the MP’s who reside in the very same House of Commons ???

Some people are saying that what’s going on angers them and that the expense claims of these ministers is nothing short of disgraceful … !!! … okay fine …. but really, where were their heads at when this was going on eh …. ???? ….. fearing terrorist attacks and men with rucksacks ???? when sacks of their money were being hijacked by their political charges ???

Also, why is it that, only now, the mainstream media is turning their attentions to such matters, when, pretty much everything covered in recent times was directing peoples’ attentions to …. FEAR …. the man on the train next to them, or worse still, the man sitting on the plane next to them ????

I question the level of thinking in peoples’ minds prior to recent political scandals.

These so called, “responsible individuals”, have blinkered the public to the point where a resurgence of times some 30 years ago, seems likely. A time where ska music was the talk of the town due to it’s politically charged content, and the prospect of riots and the separation of people on the basis of immigrant hatred, is being driven subtly.

The UK Independence party and the BNP as they did some 30 years ago, are using the current wave of societal disorder and political corruption to fuel their drive for a, I believe the quote was, “Anglo Saxon” led party to bring order to a clearly, seemingly, chaotic political arena …. !?!

The question is, are they gaining support ??? and if so, who from ??? The same individuals who chose to trust these politicians … ??? … not only here in the UK, but globally, in their cause for a more regimented form of public order.

Even former Conservative party chairmen Lord Tebbit is suggesting that people don’t vote for the major parties in the upcoming euro elections … ??? … although, he is not, apparently, endorsing the support of parties like the BNP or UKIP parties …. Hmmmmm ….. ???

Meanwhile, David Cameron is saying that his party spongers will have to pay back their extravagant expenses claims or face being ejected. Pay it back to whom is my question ..?.. The Treasury Department presumably …. a solution bound to benefit the taxpayer ofcourse …. errrr …. yeah right !!!!

Many factions are now talking about police states all over the place, well, if recent stories are to be believed, that may not be such a good thing if you’re on the receiving end of a police fist … !!! … especially if you’ve been driven to receive it by an undercover policeman or woman !!!!

The usage of …. “Agent Provocateurs” …. is far from being a tactic only used to gain criminal evidence from a suspect.

This has been used in conflicts of racial unrest, Notting Hill residents from the sixties particularly, can confirm such practices, so nothing’s new about this … ? … and again, if you look back merely 30 years, what is happening now is merely an updated version of what was happening then..

I’m gonna end this post by simply asking these two questions …..

When will people open their eyes !?! … & … When will folks learn ?????

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