Independence & a few other more important things … written by Big Virge 28/11/2012

Okay so, it’s … “Independence”, celebration time, here in Bim this week ……..

Hmmmm … ??? …

Well folks, hate to get on the wrong side of Black Barbados … but … let me get this right !!!

Everyone is getting excited about … “Independence” … !!! …

… from a country & monarch, who had a ceremony supporting her Jubilee, barely 6 months ago … !!!???!!! ….

…. where government offices closed early & the military & other forces held a parade in her honour !!?!!

Sorry, must be me, to have a somewhat confused look on my face at this very moment !!!!!
Really people … ??? …

I mean …. FUCKING …. REALLY …. !!!!?!!!!

Okay, so, I must have it all confused right, after all, i’m a “FOREIGNER”, at the end of the day, in fact, a foreigner who comes from that place that Bim is independent from ….. however, I somehow have Bajan citizenship …. which was availed from the Barbados High Commission in Central London …

Anyway, as a foreigner from good ol’ Queenie’s land, why am I not greeted with red carpet treatment everywhere I go …. yeah, over the top, I know, but, you thinkers get my drift, whilst the rest of you, smart-mouthed, black folks, who are quick to criticize a man like me for not having my Black Queen on my arm, better check yo’selves yeah …..

As I hear Busta Rhymes, talking bout … “Wunnah done talk too much Bumboclaat fukry !!!!!”

Throw a … RASSHOLE … in there, and I good with that !!!!!

Where were the protests about this, “Obscene”, waste of money, whilst many people in the island feel the pinch due to economic woes affecting everything from tourism to … Hmmmm … artists getting paid, not only … ON TIME … but in quite a few cases … AT ALL … !!!!!!

…. by …. Government Affiliated Agencies, like the NCF & even BCC, i’m hearing, have a rather bad habit of expecting to get performances from well-known artists, without paying them a cent for their efforts, promptly.

Thus, you see, this celebration to me should not claim to be allied to Independence at all, as it merely seems to be an effort by the powers that be to galvanize some sense of … Unity … ??????

Yeah alright den ppl … NoooooTTTT …. but, clearly something … ??? …

… under the guise of Barbados having some sense of independence of thought & infrastructure from Britain & more importantly, the rest of the world.

….. that, just doesn’t ring true on any level for me, I haven’t been here long enough to truly stand totally firm with these statements, but, when I hear some of the more cerebral artists talking bout, they have to get on stink, to simply get paid for work that they have done at pretty much everywhere, except UWI, who seem to be one of the few institutions in the island, who deal with people in what could be deemed to be, a manner that is … “Independent”, of government practices.

Why is that then …???

The NCF are continually being exposed to me, as being, not only disrespectful of artists, but, not offering any sense of professionalism, in terms of supporting artists, including the young people of Barbados, in presenting their hard work to audiences, as it should be ….

I will not mention the scenario or names, but, it would be remiss of me to say, that, having been a positive critic of the Drama/Speech Nifca finals, there were, allegedly, serious problems with sets, visuals etc, behind the scenes of that event.

The artists were all ultimately, so professional in their execution of said works, that, as an audience member, it would be hard to tell, however, having spoken with, certain backstage members, of some of the productions, there were some incredibly, poorly managed efforts, to support the young people who had clearly, learned to discipline themselves, to the point where they were more than worthy of being in the finals !!!!!

Incredible … !!! … because the NCF & NIFCA will happily, it would seem, take credit, for the students work, rather than actually ensuring that their, behind the scenes work, was worthy of accreditation !!!

I am gonna be reading something at Lester Vaughn School tomorrow with Adrian Green & Inity Fyah, both, ultimately, very high quality exponents of performance poetry, which I am very much looking forward to, not necessarily for the performance aspect of it, but, to see how the dignitaries in attendance, handle us & in my case, how they deal with wordplay, that, may well, challenge the students to look at how educators & administrators, from a broader perspective, do things globally, and then apply these things to this proudly …. “Independent”, country, and how it ACTUALLY operates, rather than how it is … SEEN … as operating !!!!!

I cannot finish this post without speaking on the BULLY tactics, seemingly employed by everyone from Ministerial Levels, down to the, “Wannabee”, street thugs, with their guns & bravado ….

Waiiiittttt … hold on a sec ….

….. They seem as though they are actually one & the same, in terms of their demeanor, if a minister threatens to shoot another minister, how different are they in truth, to the thugs, who, people should not forget, tend to get called upon, when election times come, in far too many cases, by, said politicians & their friends ….

I hope it isn’t as blatantly corrupted as Jamaica & other countries, appear to be, but, when white businessmen & their families are allegedly, being threatened here, one has to wonder … ??? … exactly how independent of the ideologies & societal models, are these actions, from the very slave masters who used to employ, similar tactics to quieten, uppity slaves … !!!???!!!

I have had the conversation about slavery being a thing that is quite possibly, more prevalent now, than when our ancestors were in chains & having horse bits, placed in their mouths, as a form of obedience training, like fucking ANIMALS !!!!!

When a man comes & does work for you, regardless of color, the refusal to pay is tantamount to treating the man like an animal, you can whip to work, and then cage at the end of the day, without having any sense of guilt about such actions.

Well, bullies tend to, either, end up being f’ked up … Royally … !!!!!

….. or, they end up living a very sad & lonely life, where they are constantly looking over their shoulders.

None of these things sound like the actions of, “Independent”, free thinking, individuals, if anything, these attitudes & behavioural tendencies, ally themselves to the societal infrastructures & systems, like slavery, that have been implemented & followed by colonies all over the world !!!!!

Threats are the acts of F’ing cowards, so, if we are now threatening, not only white folks, but our own people … !!! …

….. and, in the case of Ministerial individuals, their own peers, one has to wonder why the Fuk anyone would be celebrating, “Independence”, here at all … !!?!!

As i’ve said before, when you watch the behaviour that white tourists receive from certain, Black Bajans, both, men & women …..

I don’t see white folks coming here, being humble, because they see a … STRONG, INDEPENDENT, BLACK NATION …..


When we are dealing in fairness, accountability, appropriate treatment of artists, and political action, rather than rhetoric, bickering & bully tactics, then, maybe we can talk about being on the path to Independence ……

Independent thinking, in my view, being the most important level of independence, thinking that elevates itself above petty squabbling, racism, elitism & inappropriate monetary dealings, be they international, or the payment of people for services rendered, promptly, and in full, locally …..

Then we should be celebrating something … !!!!

As it stands, an event for dignitaries to pat themselves on the back for actions, that, “Betray”, the ideals of independence & progression, hardly warrants any sense of pride or ceremony, in my opinion !!!!!

If I am to be threatened for speaking that, which I have seen to be true, then bring it on …. !!!!!

…. as some of us really don’t give a shit about what y’all do anymore, as you are proving yourselves to be nothing more than thugs in suits & as they say, there’s always a gunslinger who is quicker & more willing to shoot than you !!!!!

Enjoy your independence day people !!!!!


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