Not me folks … A certain Mr. RedHot_Peppers …. “This Color Line” ….

Mine was 2004 … RHP told me this was written very recently ….

So, let’s not kid ourselves folks ….

How much has REALLY changed … !?!

No more shackles but the mental chains remain … !!!!

He has a webpage here people :

ThiS CoLoR LiNe…
ThiS CoLoR LiNe…

the simplicity of such prejudice
makes my mind toil
due to the commonsense of it all
it’s impossible to find

plenty say easier said than done
that being the case
lets approach a few of these issues by one..

what begins as a pure Soul
Seeded from a single Source
spawn in a vehicle of flesh
rich with history of each receiving host
tone of skin..
accent of speech..
philosophy of what needs be taught..

..these are all building blocks of ones psyche..

..but we mustn’t discount the makeup of an individual’s heart..

any religion. political or ethnic group..
can parade and raise their flag..
guise their pretension that each individual that fit their particular motto
can fit in one single bag..

..the adolescence of it all is truly sad..

the basis of my contention is this..

these groups can no more define one’s character
then a penny pitched into a well
can grant a single wish..


these two things mentioned have so much in common
that being:

a penny pitched into a well..
and a wish to be granted..


one of a single color. religion. creed
in unison chant set ‘MY PEOPLE’ free

one by a wishing well desires to have something
he or she wants and needs

it is this GROUPing of a defeatist state of mind
of which stagnates an individual’s thinking
that he or she has little to no control
in the outcome of their dreams…

for no two dreamers or dreams are truly the same
can be similar by nature
even compliment each others existence..

the point of this rant is that..

we as individuals are as unique as our own finger prints..

no two are the same..

color. political group. religion..

…….are a zero sum gain….

the beauty of life counts on the blessing of each individual
to play their part the best they know to play

one’s character is what matters most

for a lie is a lie..
and a cheat is a cheat..

I can respect more one that is openly devout in their prejudice
than one who masquerades as one to believe…

hats off to the DECEIVER..

such a Masterful use of this CoLoR LiNe..

divide and conquer..

‘ThE aRt oF WaR 101’


your deception will not stay hidden..

when the truth is so easy to find..

even amongst your OWN kind…

for a faulty line is exactly what it is..

a faulty line..

that of my kind shall always remain FREE

there are no limits to what true dreamers can conceive..

8^/ R.H.Peppers..

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