As said peeps, back to bizness …. What the F… are these sick F…’s doing … !?! … Maybe the financial crisis isn’t the only thing that our leaders should be talking about …. !!!!! …. What about these sick F…’s written by Big Virge 9/5/09

Just a quick introduction to my next poem which talks a little bit about the types of people who are involved in child abuse …. yeah I’m a talk about them !!!!, because terrorism, financial problems for banksters and politicians expenses seem to be the things dominating mainstream news.

Chairmen and Lords seem to face little or no jail time for their fraud-ridden activities affecting millions of people, meanwhile Bank Robbers get sent to a hole never to come out !???!

Police seemingly beat up on protesters to the point of death and avoid prison but these sick paedophiles are developing networks for their sick friends but get … minimal sentencing and receive rehab …!?!… presumably paid for by taxpayers for sexual acts they undertake with infants let alone small children !?!

Well, my next post might explain why, because it would seem more of them are in positions of responsibility than the media would choose to have us know about, it’s funny to me how these stories never seem to overshadow news stories of the financial crises, the war terrorism and gun and knife crime amongst our, to a point, understandably, wayward youth.

Sick F***er’s !!!!

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