Okay so … as promised … written by Big Virge 29/10/2012

Yes peoples !!!!!

I have been quite the little social animal over the last few, hence the delay in continuing my thoughts on the stresses of life & how they seem to be affecting peeps nowadays !!!

The funny thing is that, when I see these things in white folks, it is, invariably, the stuff we black folks, have had to endure, on so many levels, for years, and, as much as I recognize the issues that black folks have created for themselves, let’s not get this confused folks, the same rules apply for a lot of white folks, be they, from wealthy backgrounds or not !!!!!

Dealing with things that are stressful, yup, we black folks hold the Gold Medal for that pish !!!!!

Well, maybe not actually … ???

The phrase, “White Mans’ Burden”, would seem to have left a distinctly, long-lasting, and very painful mark on lots of white girls/women !!!

Now, how does this all relate to dealing with stress ???

Okay, well, as times are getting tougher, what i’m seeing & hearing is … a lot of …

“I’ve had enough & will not put up with this pish anymore !!!”, type talk ….

Hmmm … the interesting part about this is, that, in some cases, these words have come from individuals, who are of the, “Ultra Positive Type … !!!”, makes you wonder doesn’t it … ???

Where does the positivity disappear to, when pressure starts lickin’ … huh … the glass, all of a sudden, becomes half empty ???

The best way to define it, I think, is by looking at the personal lives of some of the greatest, wackiest comedians, invariably, alcoholism, self abuse & domestic violence, seem to have been a major facet of the private person, who takes pride in making others smile publicly … !!!

… but rarely, it seems, can they find things that make them smile, in their own world … ???

It’s a fine line between, happiness & misery, hell or heaven, or whichever scenario you choose to use.

Suffice to say, every day is not a bright & beautiful day, thus, everything in your life will not & cannot, ever be positive, all the time !!!

The reactions of people these days, betrays deep-rooted unhappiness, and, in many cases, self-loathing & angst, that isn’t being released, due to fear of loss, be it human or material, fear of being seen as weak, or, even worse, just for fear of being judged, for images sake !?!

Stop it folks … !!!

We … ALL … have Dark Sides, why allow them to build to the point where, when they come out, they overpower the rational soul that we also, ALL POSSESS !!!!

… it isn’t a bad thing to cuss someone out, (Who is deserving of it !!!), if they’re f’king wid your shit !!!!!

….. from Facebook to work, to the beach, to being at home …..

If you’re trying to please everyone … fa fuks sake … Stop That Chit …. !!!!!

Please yourself …. and i don’t mean in that selfish way … !!!!!

I mean, in terms of maintaining balance in your inner being, because that’s where positivity, can emanate from … !!!!!

Eminem is as good an example of this as you’ll find, to be honest, dude always appeared to have a few hinges loose right, but, it has been his ability to deal with these things, in his artistry & public expression, that, has got him through, what would appear to have been some, Incredibly … Dark Times … in his life !!!!!

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) … might work in Wonderland … !!!!!

….. but, ladies, we don’t live there … !!!!!

….. never have, and probably, never will … !!!

….. it’s just an illusion girls, that, has been granted to the privileged few, but, once the recognition, that, “All that glitters ….”, is not what it seems, there has to be a coming down to the planet, where the rest of us, ” More Grounded “, heads, battle to keep our ethos to living this life without fear of what, the rest deem to be negative, working !!!

….. especially when … !!! …

… pretty much everyone, is trying to pull at you & draw you into their world of fantasy & fallacy, by suggesting that …..

Oooohhh, you’re too negative !!!
Oooohhh, you’re so intense !!!
Oooohhh, you’re always moaning !!!
Oooohhh, you’re never happy !!!

Well, to all you likkle fassies, who think you’re being slick with your rhetoric of subtle attacks …

Step tha Fuck back & mind yourselves … !!! … because, when you are pissed at the world & wanna run under a rock to hide, guess who’ll be holding the rock, yup, it’ll probably be me, or someone like me, saying …..

Ohhhh …. you want to hide behind this … !?!

Well, there’s the cup half full version or the cup half empty version …. which would you prefer ???

Don’t put yourselves in these positions people … !!!!!

Do what rests comfortably with you ….

NOT … !!! … what makes you, “SEEM”, all loving, and, holier than thou, because nobody is truly capable of such balance when dealing in what is becoming a more & more, visibly, corrupted world !!!!!

Many have bought into the corruption, from all creeds, colours & ages ……

The problem is not, “The Now !!!”, whilst it’s all good on the superficial, because you don’t want to be seen as missing out on, being …..

“Down with the crowd !!!”

The problem is … when the crowd you’ve run with, prove to be empty shelled individuals, who,


…… to USE & ABUSE ….. You, in the name of some Bullpish, that, you damn well knew was that, but, settled for, because of your fear of wanting to be, alone if you like …..

I prefer, “FREE”, Happy & able to live ” Positively “, without craving acceptance & ego stroking.

As we grow older, that, which we claimed to have cherished in our youth, may well end up being the things that haunt us, cause us ill health & most importantly ….

….. Imbalanced thoughts, behavioural traits & reactions to things, that, if we’d just accept them for what they REALLY are/were …. AT THE TIME ….

….. Wouldn’t become, so difficult to handle ….

Anyway …. got to get to the more, “Positive Things” …. but people, I suggest you take this stuff in ….

If not for your own, then for my F’ing sake !!!!!

Cos’ …. some of us have got to deal with y’all from time to time … and y’all can be very draining certain times !!!!!

Yes i’m being a lil’ Sarcy !!!!!

…. but …. it comes from a place of … LOVE … !!!

Y’all have a Blessed week !!!!!


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