Dark & Light … I think you’ll find … actually intertwine … ?!? written by Big Virge 25/10/2012

Okay folks, so, here’s the thing ….. !!?!!

Issues …. are on the rise in peoples’ personal lives, it would seem ….

So, let me just get this out before I get to what i’m seeing & hearing in peeps ….


Take this story as you will, but, Jason Roberts & Mr. Rio Ferdinand, were notables, who were not trying to wear these T-Shirts, which, I agree, are merely costume effects for a cause, that has had no serious destination, because the race train has been off the rails for so long now, that, much like, the, “Jimmy Sav Sitch”, it’ll probably bring down all sorts of people, who claim to be on the side of …. errr emmmm … “Kicking Racism” … out of football … Yawn Yawn …

Let us not forget that it is a reputed fact, that, Olympic officials of the Tommy Smith … (yeah look him up if ya nah know him !), era, were affiliated to various groups of fascist origins !!!

Thus, a separate organization to combat, that, which this campaign has been working for quite a few years now to make strides with … ???

REALLY … ???

Who they kidding, what’s the phrase … A White Elephant, Red Herring, or, just, “A Black Myth”, like the idea of black unity amongst our communities, yeah, i’m on that again, because i’m sick of seeing, how, even in todays’ rapidly changing world, this issue seems to be rarely spoken about with full transparency.

“The Interruptors”, movie, which I watched recently, exhibits just how far we have to go in learning how to agree to disagree & stop, black on black violence, and, the interesting part to me, was the fact that, female or male, it always seems to be individuals, who were gang members, or, were very naughty people, who turn the corner & then want to help stop that, which, they were an integral part of previously.

I’m not criticizing them, but, what is interesting, is that those of us who have a view of life, that avails a let’s say, more rounded & informed vision of what can be achieved, from discipline, hard work, and, a relatively sound family background, rarely seem to be the ones who our wayward youth, listen to …..

However, if it’s Fifty or the “Niggas in Paris”, fraternity, who are the individuals, a great many of our disenfranchised youth look up to …..

I’ve heard it in conversations here, about who would draw the young populous’s attention, it would seem that, a man who has worked hard & has a level of knowledge & experiences which could be very beneficial for young people to be exposed to, are not the ones who our street & “ghetto” youth, want to listen to … ???

Really … !???!

….. but, a …”Nigga”, who’s, “Made It”, from a lot of illicit practices & social commentary, that, in many ways, glamorizes, the very life, that we are looking for many of our young people, to reject, would easily draw an audience of these young people ???

Much like the football issue, it all seems a bit backwards to me ???

It must be me, but, I don’t think so folks …..

Many people do it in their own lives, live the lie that they know they need to change or walk away from, or, deal with …..

Is it hot shot lawyers, like, Peter Herbert, that the football fraternity needs … ???

Hmmm …. I don’t know, “The Black players’ Association ???” ….

Really …. ??? ….

A group that will separate themselves, from the very body, that, they’re going to be appealing to ….

…. to make changes, that affect, the general attitude towards race issues in football, that they’ve been previously, party to, have been paid by, and shook hands with, for the bulk of their pro careers ….. ???

Hope it works … but as said, seems a bit cart before the horse, in all honesty …. but, time will tell I guess, whether things, as they normally do, with regard to race issues in England especially, change, but, somehow, “Stay The Same !!!”.

Let’s not forget that Rio’s bro, wasn’t exactly, Gung Ho with his attitude towards John Terry’s verbal diarrhoea, yet, now he & his bro ain’t down with wearing a T-Shirt that affirms the thing, that needs to happen & would, i’m presuming, be the moniker of any group that is now formed, separate to the already, active group.

As i’ve always said, ” THE MOMENT … !!! “, anything racist happens, be it behind closed doors, or, in front of a crowd, these matters should be …. Immediately and Fully exposed to the world … !!!!!

….. NOT to the FA, NOT to UEFA, because it’s clear that they, refuse to publicly accept that they need to take responsibility for the actions of it’s members, be they players, fans, or bodies of countries where this bullshit still goes on … !!!!!

The sad part is that people actually believe the f’ing hype … ???!???

I remember having a net convo with a girl from Croatia, who was adamant that, things are so much better, and that Mr. Obama’s presidency, was a HUGE STEP forward for race relations …..

Unfortunately for her, this was right before the Croatia vs England game, where the monkey chants caused a … “bit of a stir !!!”, in her backyard !

Stop seeing what you want to see people, and see what’s right in front of you & in fact, surrounds you …… !!!!!

Cheeesus people … !!! …

I hear that a PMA … “Positive Mental Attitude” …. is a good thing to have … but, when positivity is evident yeah, not just for the sake of convincing yourself of your own delusional nonsense …. !!!!!

Right, as i’ve been advised that my posts can be a bit too long for you … “Short Attention Spanned Mother Fukkas” …..

I shall continue this part of this post … in my next one ….

But please, before all the tears & fragility in you, come out to play, get your head straight, about what & who you need in your lives, discard the crap, and in that, I also mean, the fake positivity pish ….

…. and work towards a fruitful future, which enables you to deal with the ups & downs … EQUALLY … rather than jumping on the bandwagon of Love Peace & all that other, Hippified madness …. !!!!!!

Get REAL with yourselves & get REAL about your lives & the time we are now in …..

It ain’t all bad … but … It ain’t all good either !!!!!

Come on now people ….. !!!!!!!

There is no YING without YANG !!!!!!



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