Oooooohhhh ….. Swine Flu ….. !!!! ….. written by Big Virge 29/04/2009

Hello there peeps …. !!!!

Hope all is good with y’all !!!!

Figured I needed to post some of my thoughts as I’m beginning to feel like this site is becoming an advert for You Tube !!!!! which is far from my intention, just wanted to post some things that reflect my love for Hip Hop and free thinking and, speaking individuals.

That said, what about this Swine Flu eh !!!?!!!, well I’m quite concerned I must say, but more with the, “Swine who Flew” Air Force One, yes, the President of America’s personal aircraft transportation so low over New York that it had people in a state of panic resulting in a semi-mass exodus from the twin towers district as if 9/11 was about to happen again !!!!!

This, in the name of a photo exercise not involving the president ????????

Barak was suitably dissapointed with this exercise and apologised publicly …. Nice …. So, exactly how does Air Force One get moved without the president knowing !!!???!!!

Clearly a bit more worrying for those Americans who are still, as some suggest, scarred understandably by the events of 9/11.

Lewis Hamilton says that he considered quitting F1 over his misleading the FIA officials in Australia ??? Hmmmm, considered ………. but did’t, no surpises there, that’s a lot of money he’d be turning his back on !!!!, so clearly his conscience is less important than his bank balance or integrity it would seem.

At least now we all know that you do exactly as your told, like a good little boy eh Lewis !!!?!!!

It’s a little worrying when money can so clearly be seen as the thing that drives people when, currently, the powers that be keep claiming that there is so little around to be had, yet, they’ve got money for scientists to create cream that stops wrinkles and, all this money to be prepared for a flu virus that no-one seemed to be warning the world about BEFORE it became this possibly, pandemic level problem !!?!!

Prevention being better than cure and all that …. !!!! ….. They’d certainly prepared enough Tamiflu …… !!!!! ????? !!!!!!!

Swiss drug group Roche have made a killing out of this product, claiming a 34% jump in profits boosted by sales of the drug …… Hmmmm ….. Interesting.

It is incredible how quickly the media is suggesting that riding on the underground in London could lead to the transmittal of this mysterious virus, could this be a new terrorist threat !!!!!

Maybe it’s been Swine Flu all along making people suicide bomb !!!?!!!

Who knows ??? but one thing’s for sure …… we’re at level 5 people level 5, if you wanna survive …. avoid the Swine …… !!!!!! …….. oh and the Flu Too !!!!!!

I’m out ….. stay cool …. !!!!!

Peace y’all

One Response to “Oooooohhhh ….. Swine Flu ….. !!!! ….. written by Big Virge 29/04/2009”

  1. golfmade Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 12:40 am

    As an American it still saddens me that almost no one actually takes the time to look at what caused 9/11 to happen in the first place. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

    As for Lewis Hamilton, can’t really say much as I don’t follow the sport, I do think it’s a bit much to ask him to quit something he’s worked so hard towards because of lying in one race.

    As for H1N1, my understanding is that it is possible to be transmitted from human to human at it’s current stage, hence why it’s spreading so quickly. That said, I wouldn’t leave it past the American media, let alone your British media, to hype it up out of proportion.

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