A further reminder of the good ol’ days, from rap to raves, Freedom To Dance presents …. Back to 93 @ Camden Palace 14.3.98 written by the Venerable One aka Big Virge way back when ….. Were You There ?????

Okay people, all I can say is what a JAM !!!

Suffice to say, superlatives are just not enough to express the sheer goodness of this rave !!!

Neither pictures nor words can really provide you with even a semblance of the pulsating vibe and atmosphere within the club. If you missed this, you definitely missed out !!!!

From the moment of my arrival at the venue, the customary drive-by of the queue brought back immediate memories of those classic, “Roast” and “Orange” Bank Holiday Specials back in the day, when bouncers warranted an attitude due to the impatient ravers of those days bum-rushing the door to gain entry ! However, somewhat pleasing to the eye was a distinct lack of this improper behaviour from the paying queue.

The guest list queue though, was considerably less organised and maybe next time the promoters might like to have a little assistance for the lovely young lady handling the seemingly never ending sheets of paper for the guest list. This though is just about my only negative reflection on this memorable night !!!

Upon gaining entry at approximately 12.30 AM, I proceeded to chill to Ray keith dropping some neat beats, but for me the arrival of DJ Phantasy on the wheels of steel, was the necessary spark that created the upsurge and revival of the vestiges of the real origins of Jungle and now Drum ‘n’ Bass music.

The names of many of the tunes played from this point on escape me now because of my sheer delight at hearing the continuous flow of top quality old and newer skool beats, which had me dancing like the proverbial Tasmanian Devil, jumping and spinning like never before !!!

By this time, the dance floor energy was beyond electric and the pungent aromas surrounding me were not only powerful like the sounds, but, just as pleasing to the senses ….. (if you know what I mean). Anyhow, here are just a few of the classics dropped :

“Jungle Techno, Helicopter, Ganga Man and although commercially known, Original Nutta”, received a reaction of an ebullient nature from an already, fully vibrant, knowledgeable and attentive massive.

The flow was maintained with consummate ease by Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket and Randall whom although having the hardest job in coming on last, still kept the dance floor jumping right to the end !!!

The facts are simply these, I had my, “Favourite Boogas” on, but my foot did hurt me as if i’d run a marathon !!!!

Big ups to the Freedom to Dance Management team cos the certainly know have to have a party !!!!!!!

The Venerable One

Just reading this now brings back some great memories, to think, we used to be able to smoke “INSIDE” clubs !!!!

How di pussies, excuse me, powers that be really ah … F*** … tings up !!!!, the poor yute dem will never know !!!!

Peace y’all ….. more of my early writings will be posted in the coming months ……

The V …… out of here !!!!!!

2 Responses to “A further reminder of the good ol’ days, from rap to raves, Freedom To Dance presents …. Back to 93 @ Camden Palace 14.3.98 written by the Venerable One aka Big Virge way back when ….. Were You There ?????”

  1. golfmade Says:
    April 22nd, 2009 at 4:05 am

    No I wasn’t there sadly. I went to several raves between 99-00 but well, as you know I grew up in Idaho so I imagine they paled in comparison to stuff you were seeing in London. Anyways, I still have fond memories of that and not so fond ones (trying a certain un-named item to protect the innocent, sent me into a visceral and aural overload and left me in the corner of the room for about 2 hours as I tried not to explode from the explosion of visual and audio sensations).

    Otherwise I usually would just jam by myself in my bedroom as I rocked out to The Prodigy (I still remember spending most of my weekly paycheck from being a busboy at a pub on CDs, in fact I bought anything I could from certain groups like The Prodigy, including all the singles as well as import items, damn I spent a lot of dough…)

    Shit now I’m thinking back to the late 90s and looking at where I’m at now, I had NO FUCKING clue I’d be here doing what I’m doing.

    Good write up, can’t wait to see more blasts from the past.

  2. Mick Cassidy Says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    keep up the good work.

    Loving the site layout.


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