And so …. the Denial herds grow … !!! … written by Big Virge 31/07/2011

Yes Yes ppl, it’s a beautiful day in London, seriously cooking again, but, as with much that is vaunted as beautiful in this country, when the sun shines upon it, the day just couldn’t pass without some F’kry !!!

I’m talkin’ about the madness that went on at Trent Bridge this afternoon, Ian Bell, who made a fantastic hundred today, was run out in a freakish incident just before tea.

“Debacle” ….. just doesn’t cut it, in terms of how the scenario was played out, in typically English style, Mr. Bell took the, internationally recognised, laws of the game for granted, as if he didn’t have to observe them … !?! … was given out, which the crowd could see on the big screen at the ground, which resulted in a lot of very ignorant booing, from a clearly, less than knowledgeable crowd.

The Indian team, due to their, seemingly legitimate appeal, were, the subject of much of this booing, as they left the field.

Bell, clearly upset, showed his disappointment, by leaving the field in a very disgruntled manner.

Now, cricket, being the game it is, has certain, I guess, you could say, etiquette values, which, over the years, have been proven to be, flagrantly abused, by teams from pretty much, everywhere, however, whenever the white teams seem to have fallen foul of the, “Spirit of the Game”, unwritten law, somehow, they continually come out smelling of roses ???

I stopped playing cricket, even though I was pretty good, because of a lack of balance, in terms of the attitudes of people running cricket, as well as the constant back-biting hypocrisy of …. NO …. not your opposition, but, your teammates, in far too many instances.

Now, my flat-mate, being Indian, is an absolute cricket fanatic, who captains one of the better known names in the middlesex cricket league.

I will reserve calling out names, because, as was the case with the Indian national team today, he has refused to stand firm, when knowing that a choice he made, has actually given the upper hand to a subordinate player, who happens to be English.

It has taken an old friend of mine, who played in the Middlesex Colts with me when we were teenagers, to speak out about this individual, having only been at the club for a few weeks, for this teammates’ name to have been the subject of discussion for 2 consecutive weekends at our flat !!!

Now, this likkle pussyhole is a boy I have known for a long time, played cricket with him and even done favours for him, because, for a whitebwoy, “He Can Jump”, when he’s ready, if you catch my drift, when he’s at the top of his game.

However, his demeanour and attitude, as I watched him grow up, was enough for me to see the Fukwit in him, quite some time ago, especially after he directly, disrespected me, just to play the big man when he somehow, was given the captaincy of the same club, my flatmate now leads.

I use the word, lead, lightly though, because, leadership is about making tough decisions for the betterment of the team, regardless of the reaction you may receive from outsiders.

My point here is that, the Indian team, having made the appeal, went into the dressing room, and whilst having tea, managed to not only continue to discuss the appeal, but, then, conveniently managed to speak with both the England Captain and coach, and … Hey Presto … !!?!! … withdrew their appeal and allowed Bell to come out after tea and make a few more runs, before eventually going. Fortunately for the Indians, before he got set again and made another hundred on their submissive backsides !!!

Boycott made it clear in the commentary, Ian Bell has been silly, and by the laws of the game, should be out and that’s that.

It begs the question, with all that the BCCI have now garnered, in terms of power, via 20/20 and the IPL, why they would sanction such a backward step from their team in a series that will pretty much grant the winner, number 1 status in the world !!?!!

Colonial mentalities maybe … ???

It seems to have panned out, something like this, I guess ……… ?????

“If the English say that what we’ve done, is NOT, in the, Spirit of the Game, we should retract and do the right thing.”

Well, the right thing clearly was to have followed their gut instinct & pursue a dismissal that they were, well within their rights to, wasn’t it !!!???!!!

The question is …. had the roles been reversed and it was Tendulkar on a ton, looking like he could make a few more, would they have called him back … !!!???!!!

Well, those of us who aren’t afraid to call the kettle black when they see it, would tell you that, for England to have made such a gesture, would have meant some kind of agreement had been made under the table, that would benefit them, “BIGTIME”, in the long run !!!

That’s how, in my opinion, that reversal of roles, would of gone. So, I do hope, whatever their motivation, Dhoni & his boys got something major out of this cos this just looks bad on so many levels, but, you know what, Indian people in general, much like their English counterparts, have an issue with straightforward confrontation, it’s all backdoor removals or beat-downs that can’t even be credited to them, when the smoke clears.

Unfortunately, they invariably still have the cheek to claim credit for these actions, even when they know damn well, that they had very little, if anything, to do with them.

This level of denial of honesty, fact & integrity, is an awfully dangerous thing, because it can leave such terrible legacies in place, that, they take a very long time to remove, if they ever can be.

Fundamentally, what India have said to the cricket world today is, if England throw their toys out of the pram, we’ll pick them up for them. A precedent that, REALLY, should not be followed in my opinion … !!!!!!

“Stand for something or fall for anything”, comes to mind, and unless the Indians can somehow turn this series around, it is pretty clear that they are happy, when the going gets tough, to not stand for anything.

Incredibly weak and submissive, when, there was no reason to be !?!

This kind of subject matter is on the tip of many peoples’ tongues, in many different scenarios nowadays, it would seem … ???

I see & hear about them quite regularly these days, be it, stubbornness in people, which, being a Taurus, I am prone to, but, the bull is a notoriously stubborn creature.

This, however, does not excuse it, as very little in this world does, when it comes to being stubborn over things that you know you need to act upon or recognise, especially when, it comes to people you have within your circle of friends, colleagues or family.

No, you can’t choose your family, but, when it comes down to it, you can let em know that they’re, “Full oF Shit !!!”, when you have to, and I don’t mean when, you’re in a heated argument, I mean when they least expect it, when it really has the impact that it needs to have.

So, to finish this rant, a younger buddy of mine was out or should I say, “IN”, a prison cell for 14 hours after being involved, via two of his mates, a couple of girls & a couple of Iraqi’s, in an altercation on Friday night/Saturday !!!

We spoke about it last night, as he was, understandably, pissed about it, but, even in these situations, peoples’ minds’ choose to deny the facts about the scenario and the people they claim ….. to be friends.

I say this in this instance, because, having been arrested because these Iraqi boys were on some bullchit regarding the girls my bwoy and his two mates were with, the, “THREE of THEM”, ended up in the cells for fourteen hours !!!!!

As said, now, my young compadre was telling me that the girls are actually, really good friends of him and his boys, so, I asked him what they said about the sitch & more importantly, did any of them even come to the station to make sure everything was cool ???

His answer was ….. NO …..

Now, call me harsh if you like, but, if I’ve got in a fight because I was defending or protecting your ass from some dicks in a club & then get arrested for it, i’d expect these girls, if they were TRUE friends or mine, to at least, call the station or, better still, come to the station to make sure nothing untoward happened to any of us, especially with the way the Po Po are going on these days right … ??? …

“NOTttttttt” …… go back in the Mo’ Fuckin’ club ………… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unf’ing-believable ….. !!!!! …..

Now, to end this rant, one of todays’ trending topics on twitter has been #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend …..

A distasteful idea, at best, and not one I subscribe to …… If they’re getting on your nerves, get rid of em’, don’t physically beat on a woman/bitch after you done made the choice to get wid her or breed her, because that just proves the point that you’re one of those denial-driven fools.

You f’kd up, deal with it and move on.

However, ladies, you should now know, if you didn’t before, Ike Turner & Chris Brown, there are plenty of men who don’t have the first idea about restraint when you piss them off … !!!!!

Don’t be getting on this, “No man should ever hit a woman chit !!!”, unless you’ve checked the credentials of the man you choose to spread your legs for !!!!!

Denial of what’s right in front of you is a very F’ing dangerous thing ……

The Indian cricket team may have shot themselves in the foot simply because they have chosen to deny themselves of something they had every right to … ????

Stop this chit & fix the fuck up people !!!!!


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