Well now, ain’t these surprises ….. !!?!! ….. written by Big Virge 22/03/09

Jade Goody’s dead, well, actually no surprises there, we all have to go eventually you know folks.

However, more importantly, if the Neo-cons get into power as they keep assuming, unlike George Osborne’s rather rousing party conference speech of not so long ago, Inheritance tax will not be raised to a million pound threshold as promised !!!!

It seems that Ken Clarke has other ideas about protecting the enduring wealth of the British Hierachy who clearly are not gonna be happy about not keeping their estate money in the family as it were !!!

Well, that is a surprise now isn’t it !!!?!!!!

Now, If, as I again stress, ALLEGEDLY …? … corporate businesses have been buying politicians allegiances to make certain policies law … ??? … Could this be yet another case in point ? Be it New Labour or the Neo-Cons who are in power when this decision has to be made ?

Well folks, you think about it while the poor and middle-classes continue to pay what is basically a death tax for something you’ve already been repeatedly taxed on throughout the duration of your working lives ???!!!!???

When you think about it like that, it is kind of upsetting right ???

Well, the reason I’m writing about this is because having already paid these well …. you know whats …. !!! …. I received a letter, (some 14 months or so after paying them their death tax in full), stating that they were still owed more !!?!!

Oh yes ….. it’s true.

So, this is a warning to all who face this charge in the future, do not throw away receipts for payments of this charge as you may find that Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs department will try their luck because, they know that at such a tragic time like the death of a loved one in someones life, that, decent people are not thinking of this tax or the future payments that will be incurred and then demanded.

It Is truly unbelievable that this tax still exists today.

Surely in a time of deep recession this should be a tax that is scrapped !!!!

Well, not according to good old Ken Clarke, who clearly believes that in times like these taxation should not be reduced for the masses but tightened to ensure the economy still has revenue circulating through the pockets of ministers and financial institutions. The same institutions that have now been found to be untrustworthy and injudicious in their handling of not only taxpayers money but bailout money too, if the U.S. is anything to go by !!!!!!

Finally, what about this IPL news, no longer to be held in India ??? after various recent rangles with the ECB that indicated a shifting of power from the ECB to the BCCI, it would seem that the governments of both England and India have had to step in and in this instance have conveniently found a number of reasons to move the tournament from India to possibly South Africa or England ???? Funny that ????

Now clearly on the back of the recent attack on the Sri Lankan team and the Mumbai blast as well as the elections due in India shortly, there are a number of reasons why the tournament should be moved … ??? …

Well, that must mean there is no terror threat in England anymore …. Hurrah we’re all safe !!! and the ECB and BCCI are good friends again !!!! Great, everone’s getting along …….. Now ain’t that a surprise !!!!!!

Surprises like these do not surprise me anymore because it’s pretty clear that nothing really is quite as it seems to be. Especially when it comes to matters surrounding corporate money, those who have it lie in bed with those who they claim to have issues with regardless of their so-called pride and patriotic claims.

Corruption and hidden agendas rule it would seem …?… with propaganda and lies following closely behind when it comes to dealings of this kind.

Subjects I shall be investigating further poetically in the future.

Peace y’all ….. the V out of here.

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