It seems that things are hotting up while spending cools down ….. by Big Virge 19/03/2009

So, whats crackin peeps ????

Well, as the title of this entry suggests, things are clearly hotting up … !!! … particularly at the, “Immigration and Appeals Commission” building in Chancery lane ….. Hmmmm …???… an area apparently renowned for it’s historical relationship with the legal profession, which is currently home to many legal profession and consulting firms.

Interesting that, and somewhat disturbing that in one of the capitals’ cradles of justice a raging fire could just spring up without anybody being held or any CCTV footage of wrongdoing ????

Certain people I know would say that I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist but I would merely suggest that when adding up more than balance sheets for big corporations, like, for example, the way things are suitably linked from a media perspective, conspiracy theories are actually not my thing.

I merely look at the coincidences and draw conclusions from them,

So in this instance, the events of the last few days do seem to have some relation …?….

So here goes …..

1) A British National Party (BNP) member was attacked with a hammer when protesters arrived at a campaign event in Greater Manchester. (14/03/09)

2) Footballer Victor Anichebe has received a personal apology from police after he was questioned by officers while looking in a jewellery shop window.

The Everton striker, 20, was window shopping with a friend in Knutsford, Cheshire, last week when officers demanded to know what they were doing. An argument broke out and Mr Anichebe’s friend was handcuffed. (16/03/09)

3) Firefighters are continuing to tackle a fire in a building in central London, London Fire Brigade (LFB) has said.

Crews were called to Field House in Chancery Lane, near Holborn, at about 1540 GMT on Wednesday. The fire is in the five-storey “Immigration and Appeals Commission” building, which was being refurbished at the time. No-one was trapped inside. (18/03/09)

4) New figures show a rise in the number of pupils for whom English is a second language.
It says the total has reached one million and teachers “struggle to cope” while “English-speaking pupils have to wait for newcomers to keep up”. (18/03/09)

5) Migrants will face growing “hostility” as unemployment rises, equalities watchdog Trevor Phillips has warned. British-born workers will increasingly feel “edged out” by immigrants with more advanced skills, he said. The government has announced a £70m fund to help calm tensions in local communities paid for by a £50 levy on visas of people from outside the EU.

But critics say the cash will not have much effect and also warn that the move could stir anti-immigrant sentiments. (19/03/09)

So for those who suggest reporting is unbiased and fair and that England is a hugely tolerant nation … ??? …. I suggest you look at not only the content of the above stories but the timescale in which these stories have not only been reported in the press but also all over TV networks in the UK when clearly there would seem to be other issues which perhaps could be taking precedence, like say, ministerial dealings that are effecting not only the pockets but the education and health of those who have worked and paid taxes for what they hoped would be a relatively comfortable retirement.

As for Trevor Philips comments, may I just remind you that this is the man barely a couple of weeks ago who said racism within the Met Police was no longer an issue to be concerned about …… !!!???!!! …… Hmmmmmmmm

It would also appear that Mr. Obama, a.k.a. BO has again been seen to be fuelling financiers pockets without knowingly doing so …… Hmmmmm …???… I believe his words were something to the effect of, “The buck stops with him” ……

How appropriate are these words to become ???

I’ll leave y’all to think about the above while funding for colleges, the tube network and the 2010 motor show seems to have come to a rather sudden halt.

So where do the bucks stop BO ????

Be careful what you buy into people ….. !!!!!! ……. literally …… ha ha

If you don’t stand for something people …. YOU WILL …. fall for anything ….. !!!!!

Unlearn what you’ve learned folks …. Unlearn what you’ve learned ………..

Peace y’all

The V ….. outta here !!!!

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