A Few Things To Say On A Beautiful Day ….. written by Big Virge 25/03/2011

Yes Yes People !!!

It’s one of those clearly, radioactively fuelled days of spring in London today, maaannnggg, it’s beautiful out there and having just enjoyed some of the afternoon sunshine, I’m now chilling with some Bilal & D’Angelo goodness to fuel my vibe for today.

A month has passed quickly and it’s time for some, “Drunken Monkey business”, in Shoreditch tonight. I just hope it’s as good as last month’s because it twas’ F’ing wicked as those who read my review will know.

However, so many going through their share of woes and the undercurrent of unhappiness is surfacing slowly but surely.

Every time I get into it with peeps of a similar ilk, it’s evident that there is a growing desire for change.

A change in attitudes and less ignorance and more awareness, as my old school friend was buried yesterday, it was a tough decision for me not to go, but, suicide, much like the bombing of innocent people in the name of peace is a paradox beyond any kind of rational or logical thought.

The whole Libya thing is basically destructive, sad and ego-fuelled. Colonel G, having been in power for as long as he has, is clearly so power crazed now that he is not about to let go without a serious fight, meanwhile, we have a unified group of bullying countries, sanctioned to go and do their worst by the assassins in suits at the UN.

Barack is being as smooth in his rhetoric as is the norm now, whilst David Cameron continues to act as though what he says is justification for air strikes on Libya ….. hmmmm ….. well, on the basis of the state of things economically here, only a few months into this coalition sumting that has been manufactured, it would seem fair to suggest that this was only done to ensure that the Liberals never see control of this country in totality, which, funnily enough, has a similar vein to the probability that an ACTUAL Black president who has 2 black parents, will never see the inside of the Whitehouse, purely because of the continual trials and tribulations of BO’s appointment to the top job.

Putin made a comment this week that, to me, betrays a serious lack of trust regarding BO’s agreement to get involved in Libya, which was basically that, interference in other countries affairs has become a continual trend since BO has occupied the US hot seat, which makes Mr. P, somewhat uncomfortable …..

Well, for those who study history more than I care to, anytime Russia gets nervy about US military movements, particularly in countries like Libya, things are likely to get frosty, sooner, rather than later ……

Meanwhile, places like the Ivory Coast in Africa still have issues which are seemingly, not so newsworthy now that the major oil producers are having civil unrest, pretty much across all of the Arab states.

Troubling times indeed, but now, the conspiracy theorists are tallying dates of attacks and linking them up to recent invasions and Western power moves ???

Coincidence or Coinsequence ……

I’m yawning ….. not because i’m a non-believer, but moreso because of the lack of personal accountability people are showing. I’m not one for sitting on the, “What Can We Do !?!” fence, otherwise, I wouldn’t write or share what I think about peoples’ actions in this crazy world, there is always something, we, as people, collectively, can do !!!

If that attitude remained, black folk would still be chained up and treated like farm animals, which, don’t get it confused, is still happening, but, not quite as much as in days of old.

The progress we’re making, is at best, in need of serious debate, but, there has been a small amount of progress which shouldn’t stop because of material trinkets that are fed to us to, appease the essence within us all, that requires love and a sense of belonging to something more than the best private school, or, bourgeoise, private members club.

The fact that John ‘fuckwit’ Terry gets given the captaincy of the footie team back relates Rio’s sitch to Barack’s in a funny kind of way. Barack, from the outside looking in, is a welcome change, however, only for a little bit, when the, ‘real powers that be’, can find a means to get, “Their type of boys, Terry”, back in charge, they’re gonna do that !!!

No matter how disliked the decision may be, whch Terry has eluded to himself.

Think it through folks, how different are the scenarios, really …. ??? ….

The fact that Fabio has agreed so willingly to his re-appointment, confirms to me how a man like Berlusconi could be running Italy whilst allegedly sexing up young prosssies …. !!!

Silvio, Terry, Sven & Cappelo must have some numbers in their little black books eh … !!?!! …

….. when I think of Italy and Italians now, I always think of Hopper & Walkens’ scene in, ‘True Romance’, for those of you who love your movies, you know what I’m talking about.

Talking of fliks, I just watched, “The Company Men’, yes, it’s a Hollywood flik, so yeah, it may well be illuminati driven, yawn ….. but, it actually gives a pretty interesting angle on the economic downturn and how it has affected those who thought they were gonna be corporate people till the day they died.

The denial within them, the lies they tell themselves, their friends and families and the fragility of the images they create for themselves, definitely worth a look folks, Craig T Nelson, Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Eamonn Walker & Maria Bello, don’t expect anything but a weak ending, however, if you’re smart, you’ll see that this corporate bubble, when it bursts, only leaves a few people with the means to carry on as if nothing’s happened, the rest, come what may, are literally hung out to dry.

A lesson that our next generations of workers need to evaluate before they fall foul of it.

Anyhow, it’s all fun and games right about now, so, as I started this is how I’ll end, on a beautiful day like today has been, it’s just nice to kick back and acknowledge the beauty of nature even if, after recent events in Japan, it may be radioctively fuelled …. !!!!!

Peace, blessings & guidance & enjoy your weekends ppl !!!


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