A quick reply to Dave re : Must be me !!!

Now ladies and gents, it seems that comments are now coming through slowly but steadily to which I say keep em coming !!!!

I have to quickly reply to Dave regarding his police comments . . . . (click on comments under Must be me !!! to see for yourself) . . . .

An interesting and seemingly establishment kind of response to my thoughts on the ideal that “COWARDS” carry guns !!!!

Dave my man, you’re missing the point methinks, no-one I hope, especially not me is suggesting that policing isn’t needed, otherwise, a lot more of us would be getting mugged etc, but, as I know you’re . . . . “CAUCASIAN”, I feel I should just let you know that being black tends to mean the treatment one gets from the “po po” is less than pleasant and depending upon the area in which you live, you tend to be labelled as a crim because of ” NO ” . . . !!!! . . . Not your actions but, the colour of your skin !!!!, now as a man who deals with the law daily, surely you’d agree !!!?!!!

As for trained police dealing with situations appropriately, tell the family of Jean Charles De Menezes that !!!

Charges of Health and Safety fractions I’m afraid do not wash . . . !!! . . . and certainly do not make me feel that because I haven’t been mugged yet, I have to thank the police for that !!!

How many people are . . . still around . . . “now” . . . having been abused by police to tell the story of their abuse eh ?

My man, it’s one thing to talk about the “majority of po po being good !?!” . . . . . but it only takes “ONE WITH A GUN” to kill someone, and it only takes one corrupt cop to leave a whole community feeling victimised, think about the status, position and increasing powers that they have, it’s vital they are trained properly but it’s even more important that their recruitment is monitored stringently as their is much evidence to suggest that not only are corrupt, ignorant individuals recruited, but that those recruiting them are less than squeaky clean in terms of their attitudes/ideals.

Don’t get me wrong as many bad police as there are, there are probably a whole heap more bad people ! but, they don’t have the responsibilities that the police are entrusted with now do they !?!

If you go back in time to say the Notting Hill riots of say the 60’s, there are many black and white people who would state that the police were inciting attacks on blacks by groups of racist white youths when they were sent there to stop the rise in racial tensions, it’s all relative but when “TERRORISTS” are labelled as being asian or black then it is highly unlikely that they’re looking for YOU on your way home from work, it’s all good and well to say leave what’s in the past in the past, we need to look forward !!! . . . . but issues such as these are current and continual for us darker skinned types as are racist attitudes . . . !!! . . . . looking forward may be cool for you white folks but for us blacks we’re . . . . “FOREVER” looking over our backs whether law abiding or not.

Don’t let the news fool ya !!!!

As for voting, who you gonna vote for !?!, aren’t all these politicians and spin doctors and those who rule them corrupt as F**k, come on man !!!!, your bubble needs some more air methinks !!!!

But thank you for your post as this I’m sure this is a strand of debate that will stir people to air their views !!!

Suk, have patience brother “Frank and I” amongst others will soon be posted for your perusal !!!!

Peace y’all and hey to all the police out there who don’t like my views . . . . you know what to do ease up and just cool . . . . . cos most of you . . . . just act the fool . . . !!!!


COS YOU KNOW IT’S . . . . . . TRUE . . . . !!!!

Peace y’all . . . . The Virge

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