New week, same nonsense …… So, who are gonna be the wests’ slumdogs…?… written by Big Virge 24/02/2009

So what’s cookin peeps ???

Slumdog wins a bucket-load of Oscars …. 8 to be exact ..!.. haven’t seen it yet, but am not sure that i’m that keen to. Having never been to India but having been to school with many asians some of whom having Indian parentage it seems that materialism is very close to many Indian hearts, so, the idea of a young boy winning a quiz to elevate him from the slums he grew up in leaves me less than keen to watch this movie especially as it’s been directed by a man whose not from India.

The basis of some of the reviews I’ve read, seem to indicate a feel good movie for those not living in the slums. However, from the perspective of how India will now be viewed globally, corruption and brutality, to the point of the dismembering of limbs, to make child beggars more likely to receive money, provides a feel-good factor for whom exactly ???

The fact that one review I read referred to the Dickensian similarity in this film, to say, the Oliver twist story, again leaves me less than keen to see this movie, in a time where slumdogs may well be a growing phenomenon in places supposedly beyond such regression.

The recession is indicating a level of Faganesque behaviour from the major players in global governments, BO on the one side preaching the need for a large financial injection to create jobs, and economic stimulus in the US, whilst the US seemingly retains control of one of these centres of interrogation, the Abu Ghraib prison (now Baghdad Central Prison) in Iraq.

Torturous treatment having now been stopped …?… and upgraded amenities for prisoners, paints a pretty picture, however, the American presence in terms of those with control powers would seem to possibly reveal a continued regime of mistreatment behind closed doors …. ??? …. I guess time will tell … ???

Now, what about the NY Posts’s depiction of a chimp being shot by police with the caption, “they’ll have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill”.

Mr. Rupert Murdoch, being chairman and owner, has apologised, stating that he did not realise the offence such a depiction would cause, until he had spoken to a number of people since the image was published, and that he could now, “better understand the hurt this cartoon has caused”, and he owns the NY Post !!!!!

It’s no big surprise to me, it was only a matter of time before these types of references appeared, but, it is a clear indication that the issue of acceptance for BO from a race perspective, within the upper echelons of the US media may yet to have been realised, maybe BO’s the US’ slumdog …. oops sorry … !!! …. that should be …. “chimp” …. so, who’s the organ grinder ….. Mr. Murdoch …. ????

More job cuts and disgruntlememt from Vodafone to the Royal Mail over here, not quite Slumdog status yet but, many are feeling the pinch from those, who maybe, possess those Faganesque traits referred to earlier ???

Also, Justice Secretary Jack Straw vetoes the publication of the minutes of a 2003 pre-war meeting relating to the invasion of Iraq, because it would cause, ” damage to democracy “.

Well, what does that mean !???!

…. surely the Freedom of Information act was to preserve the basis of democracy …?… yet, it would seem, that conveniently, there are clauses within the act that would seem to actually, impinge on the ideal of freedom of information and therefore democracy ????

Considering the Information Tribunal last month ruled that these minutes should be published, how exactly has Mr. Straw come to the conclusion that the release of these minutes would cause, “serious damage” to cabinet government, and outweighed public interest needs.

So, information surrounding a war, based on protection of the world from terrorism, isn’t now, 6 years later, in the public’s interest …. ???? …. what exactly does the cabinet have to hide in a free democratic country like England then eh ….???

Finally back to the issue of Racism within the Po Po, well, clearly this issue isn’t gonna go away as per the seemingly, cold-blooded killing, by, Johannes Mehserle of Oscar Grant, 22, in the back, as he lay face down on a train platform, even though he was unarmed in California.

Looks like Barack’s got some work to do with the Po Po in the US, but over here, it’s the same ol’ same …. institutional racism, yay or ney ????

Well, if you’ve read my previous posts, you know my view, however, let’s throw this into the mire, how about glass ceilings for black officers wishing to be promoted to top level policing positions for one ???

Today it’s now being suggested that police vans or meat wagons are an exclusive right for white officers only !!!

Well, I can’t substantiate such a claim but one thing’s for sure, the amount of talk surrounding this issue in recent times is seemingly set to stir up a fractious relationship between young blacks, who, due to the issue of black on black attacks, would appear to be at the top of, “stops and searches”, certainly within London.

Met chief Sir Paul Stephenson would seem to have hit the nail on the head when stating that the label, “Institutionally Racist”, was no longer … appropriate … or … useful … because to appropriately define the fact that Stephen Lawrence’s killers have yet to be convicted, is definitely not useful to his parents.

The estates of Britain are becoming a breeding ground for ruthless youths who may well be the first wave of UK slumdogs …!?!…. again, only time will tell …..

Peace y’all …….

The Virge out of here ……

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