A little disturbing ….. written by Big Virge …. 18/2/09

Well folks having got my clearly bitter attitude towards women off my chest over this Valentines period … !!!! … ha ha …. it’s clear the honeymoon period is over for Terrorist laws being passed to protect us all from the omnipresent fear of Terrorist acts such as 9/11 and 7/7 …… Hmmm …. somehow, I don’t think so.

It’s clear to those of us who choose to pay attention to policies being passed that may affect basic civil liberties that there probably are a few more to come, which makes it all the more disturbing to be hearing from ex heads of MI5 like, say, Dame Stella Rimington that the governments of America and the UK have been, “Exploiting the fear of terrorism and trying to bring in laws that restrict civil liberties”.

Now, such comments are clearly disturbing to those of us who cherish the good ol’ days of not having curfews for kids or ridiculous policing powers that basically give the recipients of let’s say forceful policing any recourse to challenge or in the case of the De Menezes family see any kind of accountability for what now are merely labelled as policing errors resulting in innocent peoples’ deaths.

Good Ol’ Dame Rimington has also explained how the US have gone, ” Too Far ” with torture that supposedly if you remember, ” wasn’t happening ” at Guantanamo bay, which ofcourse British Intelligence does not do, as in her words, ” British Security services are no angels, but they do not kill people”, an interesting statement that doesn’t really support their movements in foreign lands, do British security services like say, the army, not kill people then …. ???? …. I guess not …?… that just wouldn’t be right even in a time of terrorism and war demanding defence of the highest order.

I presume British services are very civil about this sort of thing and offer the suspects or in the case of Iraq, civilians, a nice cup of tea and then start to interrogate them in a consulate suite and finally if they don’t play ball shoot them in their kneecaps and then send them off to a nice Guantanamo hospital eh !!!!

It’s all very confusing to me …?…. are we to listen to a lady who’s been in charge of security services such as MI5, who clearly should have been monitoring terrorist activity during her tenure, about laws that her bosses would have surely had to discuss with her and the next individual in charge regarding intelligence information gathered by the very same MI5 ??? or is this why she left because she could see this coming.

If so, what else does she know that we, the public, affected by changes to the law should now be told about, that maybe, we should have been told about before !!?!!.

The International Commision for Jurists (ICJ) have compiled and now published a study claiming that the US and UK governments have, “undermined international law”.

Well, no surprises there, but, what are the repercussions going to be …?… and again, who, if anyone will be held accountable if these allegations have any grounds to support a full inquiry …. ??? …. whatever they do ????

It’s all very disturbing whichever way you look at it ..!.. If we are to have our civil liberties taken away, should it not be on a more solid footing than Weapons of Mass Destruction which have still, seemingly not appeared ??? or Osama Bin Laden …. yawn yawn yawn …..

War is unpleasant, and ofcourse people have to die. However, torture and suffering as far as I know are devices used by warmongers to instill fear and are not part of natures’ design for most, well, pretty much all human beings as far as I know !?!

So, as a great artist once said, ” What exactly are wars good for ….?”

Well, in this case, let me throw a few things at you that come from the same news story…..

“Ministers using fear of terror”

* Government plans for a giant database to record the times, dates and recipients of all emails and text messages sent and phone calls made in the UK
* The growth of Britain’s DNA database – it is now the world’s largest, per head of population, with samples from some 4m people
* The use by councils of laws designed to track criminals and terrorists to spy on ordinary citizens. In one case a family was watched to see if they were really living in a school catchment area
* The spread of CCTV cameras. Britain now reportedly has some 4m, the highest density in western Europe
* Proposals for “secret inquests,” excluding relatives, juries and the media, which the government says would prevent intelligence details leaking out

Now, these are some interesting things that this war on terror seems to have created, but which of these infringements on the general publics’ basic freedoms stops terrorist activity ..?.. not that I’m saying that they won’t ofcourse dissuade terrorists …!!!… it’s merely a question worth thinking about.

Conspiracy theorists or doubters, this stuff is for real …!!! …. and is not a figment of an unbalanced mind, as a man said today about policing, “we all” want effective policing but that applies to, “all of us”, not just us darker shaded types …. !!!!

The idea that peoples’ fears are being used against them is really nothing new but the manner in which they have been manipulated for the purpose of what is a virtual global police state is disturbing for real this time.

The internet and technological advances may have in many peoples eyes created more freedoms but what will be the point if our only freedoms are being constantly monitored, studied and placed under surveillance ….. ????

Disturbing indeed …!!!… or ….. scaremongering not to be taken seriously ….. take your pick …..

RIP Marc ….. you are already being missed

Peace ………. BV outtie ………………

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