A live performance in an environment for art !!!!

A quick note for those wishing to see me in the flesh doing a live set !!!!

Please see the below and visit the link if you are interested.

Visual art on display will be that of Mr. David Noel, whose art, I have to say, is definitely something to behold if you appreciate art that pushes boundaries and allows for free expression !


I have been invited amongst other artists to give a 25 minute set (approx) of pieces on this site plus a little something never performed anywhere before !!!!

So . . . . if you want to see and hear some “live versions” . . . . please take note of the below and come across the water on Saturday to see artforms of many types that hopefuly will edify, edutain and feed those willing to open their brains.

Artist David Emmanuel Noel –The Collection Nov 30- Dec 6th @
Red Gate Gallery. 209a Coldharbour Lane Brixton London SW9 8RU www.redgategallery.co.uk T. 0207 -326 – 0993

Thank you for your comments David, everything is everything !!! and as someone said,

“success is relative”,

The fact that my poems have warranted an invitation to perform at your exhibition is . . . . in itself a success !!!!

So bless . . . . and . . . . stay blessed !!!


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