A wake up call for all you aspiring Middle-Class wannabees … !!! … written by Big Virge 14/10/2010

The article – http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/oct/12/end-of-the-middle-class-american-dream?showallcomments=true&msg=a#end-of-comments

Hmmm, well, let’s hope the moderators acknowledge that people need to vent some honest opinion about subjects like this ….

It’s definitely a time where all this convoluted rhetoric is beginning to have the smoke removed from the fire.

Those who have been living their life on the premise that credit would always be available to them, have found out and in many cases, are about to find out that keeping up with the Jones’s isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

This, rather, small-minded, pretentious mentality has and will catch many people out as the cuts set in and the realisation that those who govern are not our friends sets in.

It’s also likely to shatter those who’ve buried their heads in credit cards and interest free sofas.

It should be clear by now that most of these greedy, monetarily driven people who wear business suits are not necessarily nice people !!!

Are these people the class to which the rest aspire to reach !?!?!?!

It’s Interesting, if not surprising, that, in the US, the standard seems to be being set by Blacks & Hispanics, as if there aren’t that many lower class white folks who have this aspiration problem ???

Ahhh but ofcourse, it’s only ever the impoverished groups who make the mistake of thinking of themselves as being above their station huh …. American Dream my …. well, you know what !!!

However, the interesting ideal that this is all an American Ideology does seem somewhat ridiculous when all I’ve ever heard from English people is that Americans have, No Class ???

This class ideal, in my experience is so much an English thing that no-one else in the modern age should even be talking it let alone thinking it to such a scale that they become victims of it, but hey, along with colonialism, the very conditioning of peoples’ thinking is very much a part of this class problem that stems from where ???

Right here in England, London being the epicentre of such separatist ideologies.

Tolerant, oh yes, but only if you are kept far enough away from the all too many mini societies that are tolerant as long as they can wave to you from a, “comfortable distance”.

This issue of gated communities who only let the lower classes in to do menial work for the middle to upper classes is something that has always been a part of society and is a growing phenomena.

if you haven’t been cut from that cloth that stamps you as being from lofty beginnings, it is frightening to me to see that so many individuals from less privileged backgrounds still cannot see that material wealth does not provide spiritual or mental well-being or balance in their lives.

It is definitely a very topical conversation point amongst my peers currently, especially those, who are now loaded up with all the latest gadgets, house, car and 2.4 kids.

Class is merely a word, nothing more, nothing less, knowledge, as it’s always been, is the thing that enables some level of smooth progression in this world. Recognition of the values that define you as being part of the human community are the things that I look for in people, that indicate, for want of a better word, some …. “class”.

This need to be associated with something seen as being good, religion, class, or racial group are the very things that have brought these issues to a head.

Some of my peers see this all as being a good thing, as the stark wake-up call is effecting change in people.

Well, as spending on the high street drops, the catalyst for obtaining possessions that reflect a sense of status will not diminish in my view. The very conditioning that dictates the majorities choices will probably take as long a period to remove as it has done to be ingrained into the human psyche.

Take a look in the mirror, strip yourself bare and recognise that what you are and have become attached to does not and should, “NEVER”, define you. If you don’t, as globalisation increases, you may find that what you convince yourself as needing, in the end, may be the very thing that leads to your downfall.

Unless you’re history confirms your status in that middle class club, or, you are willing to do anything to join, it is time to wake-up and elevate your thinking beyond what class you belong to.

Otherwise, it could be that you’re stuck in a rut with more time on your hands to think than you want.

Think now and avoid the pitfalls that capitalism and it’s architects are designing as the classes fight amongst themselves for what exactly … ??? …

A place under the tree waiting for some fruit to drop in your lap or one in an ever increasing and disgruntled, impoverished populous …..

You have been warned …….

Heed the signs people …. heed the signs …. !!!

This is not just an American problem … !!!

Peace, Blessings & Guidance


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