Big Virge speak on an interesting week !!!

Well, ladies and gents quite a week, England’s footie boys have failed for the first time in 24 years to make it to the euros, oh dear !!!

Anyway, I’ve had an interesting week, and it’s just beginning, saw American Gangster which yes has Denzel doing his thing as only he can !!! based on a true story ?

Well, hollywood true ofcourse !!!

Certainly in my opinion, is worth a look, not so into the idea of one black guy being this ultimate gangster ! but hey ! that suits those who wish to promote every black man as a criminal of some shape or other . . . . yawn !!!

Also watched Wonderland with Val Kilmer playing John Holmes, an ex-pornstar who finds himself into some rather undistinguished company after his career has taken a dip, again based on true events and clearly shows the other side of white society, cocaine, violence, corruption and downright wickedness in all it’s forms, a must watch movie as it takes you on . . . . quite a ride, as does my final movie recommendation for the week peeps, Harsh Times, Christian Bale is outstanding as a rather messed up ex – army man who has to come to terms with the whole re-adjustment to society once returning home thing. Excellent performances from Freddy Rodriguez and Eva Longoria, yes Eva (desperate housewives) Longoria ! A serious movie with a serious message that is poignant considering all the recent talk about poor treatment of returning army personnel, trust me, if you are pro-war then this may just switch your mind from that train of thought, and if you’re anti-war then this film is an absolute must for you.

Bale executive produced this baby in which his performance and twists of charachter and mood are suitably impressive, and the ending for a change holds weight and is believable if you’re a follower of war movies in a similar vein, Apocalypse Now, Jarhead, etc, there clearly is a creative drive in the movie fraternity to use film to express different angles / viewpoints on the pro’s and cons of war, as you can tell, I am let’s say, not fond of ideals of war or what it stands for be it global or on our streets and I shall be expressing this through my work over the future months so don’t be a wuss, keep visiting and get your heads into some conscious speak about issues that in the end affect us all, and may I just say, don’t be afraid to comment people, as it seems that some of you are clearly visiting but not wishing to be vocal about things you like or dislike.

Come on people !!!!

it’s time to voice opinions and enter into constructive debate as there really isn’t much left beyond that unless ofcourse you’re like me and still manage to get out and about every so often, like tonight, off to see the Mighty Mos Def at Shepherds Bush Empire, should be good and am looking forward to it, my kind of lyricist, speaks it as he sees it, eloquently, and with style, but unlike me having made his name he has just a little bit more freedom to speak a bit more freely about things we all see but choose to sweep under the carpet !!!

K’sta, good to see ya and thank you for your comment bra, see, people it’s not difficult, this site as much as being a place for me to air my views is also for you to air yours be it about football the world or the views of Big Virge, then like Nike, go ahead, ” just do it “, I’m a big boy now and won’t get upset if you don’t agree with things I feel !!!

Expression is a beautiful thing, don’t let fear of what people may think stop you from airing yours cos you know now if you didn’t before I’m gonna air mine, have a goodnight and an enjoyable weekend . . . . . whateva you’re doing . . . .

Peace and love y’all

The Virge

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