The Two … Do Go, Hand in Hand, jus like, Ying & Yang … written by Big Virge 4/4/2013

Yes Yes people, still here … !!!

…. which, considering much of what’s gone on in the last few weeks, is quite an achievement !!!

… but, it’s all good, or, is it … ???

I am getting reactions from people, to mere, “Words”, which, indicate a level of angst in people who are seemingly, wanting to aim their finger of angst at me, like,

“Man stop whinging, or, damn man, why you gotta say that !!!”.

Well, clearly folks, because i’m an expressive individual !!!!!

” NOT ” …. Depressive, or, Aggressive, but …. EXPRESSIVE.

Now, there are those who have been like,

” V … keep blasting brah,
don’t mind the haters/positive thinkers !!!”,

which I am very grateful for, because you know what ….

What does that make them exactly ???

…. because, if I am to believe these apparently, ” UP “, people, there is currently, …..

… at least a …

1 in 4 chance of goodness coming your way, so, be grateful for it … !!!!!

Errr … NOT if 3/4 interactions/dealings I have, are gonna create the kind of vibrations that seem to be simmering, well, warming up … I’ll say … !!!

I’ve just come of a forum which has essentially, asked the question,

” Does Negative exist without Positive ? ”

Well, let’s take it to that place where the optimists will, i’m sure, be happy to go to,

“Ying & Yang”, not only do the two co-exist, they actually reside at points, within each other right … ???

So, let’s apply that, as the Chinese apparently do :

“Interdependent: Can not exist without each other

Nothing is totally Yin or totally Yang. Just as a state of total Yin is reached, Yang begins to grow. Yin contains seed of Yang and vise versa. They constantly transform into each other.

For Example: no energy without matter, no day without night. The classics state: “Yin creates Yang and Yang activates Yin”.

Mutual consumption of Yin and Yang

Relative levels of Yin Yang are continuously changing. Normally this is a harmonious change, but when Yin or Yang are out of balance they affect each other, and too much of one can eventually weaken (consume) the other.
Four (4) possible states of imbalance:

Preponderance (Excess) of Yin
Preponderance (Excess) of Yang
Weakness (Deficiency) of Yin
Weakness (Deficiency) of Yang

Thus, too much of one can clearly have, I guess … ” Negative effects ! ” … or, does it ?

Does the negative, “Overflow”, not reach a state of ” Equilibrium “, once the action has taken it’s course ….

Sometimes there is a need for calm, after the storm, before balance can truly return … ???

Who knows … ???

… but, one thing I do know, is that, stress brings out some incredible characteristics in people, look at North Korea !!!

You have to wonder what could stress a leader to the point where they would set-up for Nuclear action … !!!

I have also just seen a thread, which asked the question ….

“What’s happened to Respect & Manners ?”.

Indeed, many seem to feel that they can throw attacks because of what, words ….

NOT …. “Hammers to the Head”, or, Physical attacks, just WORDS … ?!?

Hmmmm, kinda puts a man of my skills into a bit of an awkward position, because my words are clear, to the point & DO NOT ….

“hide emotions” ……..

that, others seem to, “want to keep hidden”, until they start to overflow, and then wonder why they come out in such an,

“Uncontrolled Fashion” ….

Careful folks … !!!!!

As much as I get, that, many of you now want to let off at humanity, for letting our behaviour, in a high proportion of cases, get to a point where, yup, it does seem as though Respect & Manners, no longer exist !!!

As you’re about to see in my latest vid, I am of this belief when it comes to comments about, my level of apparent, pessimism, about the immediate future, which I actually define as … ” Realism ” …

and I quote, from the poem …..

” Man, I can’t deal with your NEGATIVE Vibe … !!!”

” So, you’re saying that i’m a NEGATIVE Guy … !!!
Cool, hear these words, OKAY GOODBYE !!!
if that’s friendship, i’d rather die …
These days it’s hard to just be nice !!!”

As I type listening to the Funky Drummer by James Brown, it’s such an infectious rhythm, that, it has me thinking about the infection of DENIAL, which is something I have written about, both in poetic form, and in basic expression, via this blog.

Much like the Rick James …. Dave Chapelle Cocaine tapes, denial is also … “One HELL of a drug !!!”

A much more prevalent one than LOVE … it would seem currently …

However, as said at the beginning of this post, the balance and interdependence of plus/minus or positive/negative, is EXACTLY that !!!

One does not exist without the other, so, stop bitching when someones’ view, directly challenges your view people, it’s juts a different view to yours, but, as the saying goes ….

“Thou doth protest too much”, may well apply, in the way that denial applies to a refusal to accept what surrounds, and more importantly, an ability to, as i’ve said before, ” Agree to Disagree ” ….

As much as many would, i’m sure, try to suggest, that I DON’T DO THAT ….

…. well, other than the individuals who seem to want to take from, criticise & use and abuse me, how many of these instances have resulted in a … “Full Blown Altercation”, that, has lead to anybody hearing about me attacking or being in the custody of the, “Long arm of the Law”, because of my inability to, either, shut the fuck up, or, better still, just walk away from situations and commentary, that, yup, does have me wanting to do f’kd up things … !!!

Any takers … ???

… b’cos, even in the face of the kind of critical & non-critical fire that comes back at me, I may not retain a sense of …. “Positivity”, but, one thing I always do now, is try to “Calm Down Quickly”, and gain a sense of perspective about things, and then, fortunately for me I guess, i’ve found a way to vent my anger & frustrations without actually taking hammers to peoples’ heads, which, people should stop thinking is …. beyond me ….

Trust in this people, for a man who truly struggles with the concept of, “Patience”, those of you who have had relatively close dealings with me, should check our history, and assess how I deal with much that is thrown at me, outside of a artistry.

My artistry expresses many different things, but, when all’s said and done, you may not have seen it all yet, but, there is an abundance of balance in much that I present, you just have to take the time to assess, having thought about it, rather than doing the, dare I say it, ” Negative Thing “, of, NOT JUST … Re-acting, but OVER re-acting ….

Unless your name is mentioned, relax, but, if you find that your head fits the cap I throw out there,


I am actually becoming quite relaxed about this stuff now, but, will advise people, once and for all, I didn’t come in with all yuh by my side, so, don’t feel that you need to interact, or, jump on my ride !!!

I’m sure yours will be filled with, fun and joy, so, as I said recently, either, click the, “Exit button”, on things that have my name attached, online, or, stick to your, ” Circle of Positivity “,

…. because I really ain’t trying to mess with those who are happy, in fact, I say, you’re doing well … !!! … to have all this faith, trust & happiness today, because there clearly is a growth of REALISTS, small as we are, who will continue to call things as we, not only see & believe, but, FEEL them to be from the energies that currently surround …..

Bless up people, it is a beautiful afternoon here in Bim an I am about to enjoy the positive energy that the sun is blessing us with today ….

Yeah London … Snow in April in your Mudda Skunt ….

Enjoy …. LOL !