Okay Ladies … Some Female Talent … “Shining” … !!!!!

Sorry Nicki Min-WHO … ???

Rihan … wha … !!!

Y’all best recognise … cos’ this young lady’s got …..

Style, Rhymes … & …

A Talent …

That……… ” SHINES ”

Oh yes ……. !!!!!!!

Characters, Assassinations, Compassion & Unity … written by Big Virge 14/11/2012

Hey peoples’ …. !!!!!!

As my last post has affirmed my wish to assassinate, ass-wipe, type characters, my growing interactions with the various people of Bim, continue to confound, bemuse, amuse & intrude on my thoughts about, compassion & unity.

The reason I say this is because of recent interactions i’ve had with people from all sorts of backgrounds, from, different racial groups, and, most importantly, differing levels of wealth.

There is a distinct lack of unity amongst Bajans of different colors, the white fraternity who are cool with the blacks, a seemingly, MINUTE few, and the wealthier, snooty, up dey ass white folks, who clearly think that, “CERTAIN”, black people, are worthy of some level basic interaction, be it verbal or otherwise.

There does not seem to be a very visible level of unity across these boundaries, that, i’ve become so accustomed to seeing, in my lifetime of living in London & England.

A quick example of what i’m talking about from the English perspective …..

I used to live next door to a pub/bar, or, Rum Shop, fa Bajans, so, y’all get the vibe, a mixture of people would be in the pub on a daily basis, everyone from, the local rogues, to, businessmen & women, to, racial groupings of all types …..

…. however, one night, having been in the company of the local crew of seemingly, well to do, white boys, I found myself in convo with the wife of one of … THOSE … white guys who is clearly, very happy amongst his own, but, not so, amongst us darker skinned mans …..

Wifey then explains how one of her best friends was from Acton, a progressively, predominantly, black populated area in West London, and further goes on to explain, that, her husband accepted her girlfriend, essentially because, she wasn’t about to give her up, just because she had met him …..

All cool right …. ???

Well, in my view, not quite, as I had always felt, until he saw that I was open to all sorts of discussion, that, he was distinctly, uncomfortable with my presence …..

However, through a few of his friends, who were cool…ish, with me, we became cool, in the sense that, I would not … !!! …

… Hold talk back from him … !!!!!

….. be it, racist sounding or not, as I quickly assessed him to be, one of THOSE white folks, i’m seeing too many of …. here in Bim !!!!!

The types who enjoy running, race type talk, whilst …. get it clear …. LOVING …. Black Food, having work colleagues who are cool with them, the odd one being black ……

…. WHO …. under the influence of liquor, let that, mainly, “hidden side”, to their character, become exposed, once, suitably juiced up, that, could be construed as being, fundamentally racist … !!!!!

The type who’d make that classic comment of …..

“You’re alright, it’s the rest of … Your Lot … I don’t like !!!!!”

Interesting huh ….. ???

Anyway, as wifey and I discussed racism in England, during our lifetime, she was quick to suggest that things had moved forward positively over the last 20 years or so, I simply replied to her, “Really ?”, and then asked her to point out the proof of this increased integration, in amongst the crew of men that were in her husbands collective, as we both looked at them, it became apparent to her, that, NOT ONE black man was in his crew, apart from guess who … ???

…. and don’t get that twisted …. !!!!!!

I view them now, as I did then …..

which i’m pretty sure, many of them viewed me …. as being ….

….. “An Acquaintance” ….. Nothing more or less.

….. b’cos of the fact, that, our knowing one another on any level, was due to my residing, next door to where these guys chose to drink ….

…. had I not lived next to the pub, would any of us have ever interacted with each other … ???

Highly debatable at best …. !???!

I left wifey to think about it …… as she seemed to then, accept, that maybe things haven’t changed as much as she had bought into believing, thus, to Barbados, no more than a year later, in 2012.

Yup 2012 …. !!!!!

….. only to find that issues surrounding places like, “Harbour Wh….”,

Sorry, “Lights”, and, the seemingly, infamously racist, “Barbados Yacht Club”, errr hmmm, “Royal”, Yacht Club, seem to maintain practices, that ….

Firmly ….

Defy unity, at it’s core.

Hmmmm ….. The type of characters who are FIRMLY, in my sights for Assassination !!!!!

However, having done the Barbados Squash Club, last weekend, it was a most interesting experience, two of the best players were a pair of Rasta brothers ???

A pleasant surprise for me as they were the FIRST, locks’d up men, i’d ever seen holding & wielding squash rackets with the panache & skill i’d enjoyed seeing the likes of Jahangir Khan & Qamar Zaman do, during my youth !!!

Apart from being highly talented players, they also seemed to be well respected, by the predominantly white fraternity of players, who were clearly, avid players & members, presumably.

Now, my appearance, as you can imagine, sent a few shockwaves about the place, not in that way that I felt, overtly uncomfortable, but, in that way, where, it became apparent that, NOT TOO MANY black folks be up in there relaxing, well, as an ex-player, who grew to love the sport, not only did I feel comfortable, I am more than able to competently speak on the game and it’s nuances.

However, the stench of …. Corporate Money …. was very evident, so, it seemed to me, that, regardless of my ability to converse on that level with any of the players, there were certain parameters by which you are deemed, “WORTHY”, in amongst, that crowd of Range Rover drivers, corporation heads & the like ….

Now, by the end of the evening, the ladies were clearly, intrigued, from the selection of rather pretty black women, to, yes, some of the white girls up in there …..

I can hear them thinking now, “Who is he, What’s he doing here … ???” … and the obvious …

“Oh, he’s from England, that must be why ???”

The funny thing was that in speaking to a Rastaman of a different ilk, the next day, his immediate reaction to hearing that I was up in the Squash Club, was …..

“Wha, not me partner, not up in der !!!”

We discussed his reaction, to which, the evidence of this distinct separation between white & black people here, became starkly apparent !!!

I have always said that, no matter how many inter-racial couples or Black Presidents/Ministers we see, as time moves forward, I shall speak on racism, because it is a huge part of our very make-up now !!!

It’s not natural … !!! …

….. and sadly, the indoctrinations continue, and the complexes, be they, inferiority or superiority driven, need to be openly discussed, to reduce these levels of blatant, ignorance & arrogance, exhibited by individuals who think their colour, warrants, some kind of automatic respect !!!!!

The funny thing is that when I speak of colour separatism now, GREEN, seems to be a massive part of these colour bars ???

Be it money or weed, GREEN, in it’s various forms, continues to become more important than, Black, White, Yellow or Brown ???

The rappers are the best examples of …. “The Underclass of Society”, who, until they become the next, Jay Z, or, Jay Electronica, moving with the Paltrows & Rothschilds of this world, were deemed to be the scourge of society !!!!!

DON’T … Forget That People … !!!!!!

The funny thing about recent discussions surrounding this subject, which I shall come back to, is this thing in Barbados of young white gyal from wealthy families, running up under the same, apparently, unseemly, underclass of black males … ???

In many cases, seemingly, as an act of defiance, aimed at parents who insist, that their daughters, especially … !!! … Marry into, “White Wealth”, keeping the bloodline, “PURE”, and, devoid of the underbelly of the society that they co-exist in, even if, in a somewhat, “detached manner”, from the mass populous of this island.

Dear Oh Dear people … !!!!! …. Can’t we all just get along and share … and share … alike … wealthy peoples ???

Just watched the movie, “Machine Gun Preacher”, now, as controversial as this film is, it brings to light the hypocrisy & double standards of people, and, the myths that are continually perpetuated by white & black folks … !!! …

… so, let me just add to this post that, black folks acting as though they are somehow, not worthy or inferior to white collectives, actually perpetuates the ignorance in these self-proclaimed, upper echelons folks !

It’s not about proving anything to them, it’s about being, “Who you are”, in front of who you want !!!

I ain’t saying come into a foreign environment & carry on like you’re at home or on the block either … !!!

It’s about showing that you can adapt & interact, suitably, wherever you are, horses for courses people & everything you do with your clique, cannot be done everywhere, contradictory, as this may seem, y’all know you ain’t gonna smoke a big fat zoot in front of police right … !?!

So, don’t try it … !!!

We all put on masks from time to time,, unfortunately, for many, it is everyday for 8 hours & then some, for the masses at jobs they don’t REALLY want to be doing …..

…. so, for an hour or two, would it kill you to adjust your behavior around those who you complain about in private, but, rarely interact with in public … !?!?!

I’d rather not see it as, “Selling Out”, but, “Buying Out”, ignorance & bigotry.

If everything else can be bought & sold, why not … ??? … Racist, Bigoted behavior ?

It is … A Long Long Battle … !!!

… which, every so often, sees some progress, but, when people like Romney & some of our own ministers in Barbados, indulge in ignorant name calling for the sake of oneupmanship, I have to question the value of all this afrocentric rhetoric !!!!!

White folks are not all GOOD …. Black folks are NOT … ALL BAD !!!!!

….. and ….. Visa Versa !!!!!

It’s time to eradicate these attitudes in clubs & such, where integration is a subject that’s conveniently, swept under the carpet, from squash clubs to the streets.

As I said to a friend recently, if we had no white people in Barbados, where would the island REALLY be … !?!

….. be honest & think about it people !!!!!

…. annnnnddddd ….

…. for you, “Uppity”, white folks, just remember that many of your children are raised by Black People, NOT, All You … !!! … because we all know now, that, in many cases, the pursuit of GREEN, is more important than loving your …. “Oh So Precious”, white offspring …..

I’ll leave y’all to think on this as I further investigate the levels of this, constantly, simmering issue, which simmers dangerously, under the surface ……

Don’t let it boil over people … !!!!!

Work towards reducing the issue …. because it ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon, unless, we start to speak on and address it without ignorant name calling & the drawing of cards that need to be put where they firmly belong, in the past …. !!!!!

Blessing, Guidance …. and yes ….

Compassion & Unity y’all.

It …. AIN’T A CRIME …. people …. !!!!!

“Character Assassin”, A Poem written by Big Virge.

Character Assassin

Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados

So, A night of NIFCA at Frank Collymore Hall … written by Big Virge 6/11/2012

Okay folks, so, finally I got to Frank Collymore Hall, a very impressive complex & auditorium, worthy of performing arts of the high standard, that I witnessed on Sunday, at the Drama & Speech finals for NIFCA.

Hmmmm …. well, I have heard so many negative things about the NCF & Nifca, in my short time here in Bim, that my expectations, in terms of the events organisation, were suitably low, so, to see this very nicely styled auditorium, was indeed, a pleasant surprise !!!

Now, as i’ve said before, I have always been of the opinion that, Bajans, be it, in terms of their standards of numeracy & literacy, are far and away, ahead of many of their counterparts across the globe !!!

It has been a very disturbing thing, to hear locals speaking on the lack of well-educated youth now & the apathetic nature of many Barbadian adults, regarding anything other than, “Wuk up”, bizness !!!

Well, I am thankful that I can say, that, considering what i’ve heard about Nifca, the event seemed to be suitably organized, and, the attendance of an event such as this, was very good.

So, I am a lil’ confused … ??? …

… but, i’m sure the Nifca peeps and I, will eventually butt heads at some point, and, I shall then have a better idea of how the administrators deal with artists here.

So, let’s get to the good stuff, well, let me just run off some names who were some of the highlights of the evening ….

Messrs Green & Simmons, who apparently, as one report stated, are spoken word veterans, oh oh, I must be a geriatric then … !!!!!

We had Kerry-Ann Waithe & Lamarr Coward, who are two further League of Xtraordinary Poets a.k.a. The LXP, members, watch out for them folks … !!!!! Some REAL talent exists within that collective, trust me !!!!!

Now, many of the other acts were new to me, but, I must first mention the Mustardseed Productions, theatrical troupe of young people.

Wow … !!!

Some very well-acted & performed pieces of drama. Plenty of prospective talent in amongst that collective, so, I must give a huge shout to them & their production team !!!!!

I’ll never think of Cocoa Tea in quite the same way again !!!

We had an especially entertaining, and, clever piece of comedic monologue, presented by Janine White, whose body, robust as it is, apparently, “is not hers !!!”, ladies all over will, i’m sure, identify with the sentiment of her piece, which brought rapturous laughter & reactions, from the audience, who had seen quite a lot of performers, by the time she hit the stage, which is testament to the energy, humor, and quality of her work, very enjoyable !!!

We also had an interesting piece by Curtis Crichlow, which spoke on the foods that Bajans are becoming far too accustomed to claiming as, “Our Food”, when it clearly is not, and, in no small way, has to be held accountable for the lacklustre, Olympic efforts of Bajan Athletes, which could probably extend to so much more, the kind of … “Much More’, that, Damien Reid’s very well written piece, “Eat-mergency”.

His performance was quite low-key, however, the power of his message should not be ignored !!!

We had Ricardo Reid, diminutive of stature, but, not in voice or execution of the piece …..

“He duh my fren to d’ en’.”

An impressive monologue, well delivered, if not, the highlight of such performances for me personally.

I was more impressed by the more, socially relevant issue presented by Justin Blackmans’, “Teach Us The Right Thing”, which referred to the recent sight on, Kadooment Day, of a young boy, wukking UP … !!! … with his mother, while, dad, presumably, filmed ….

…. while a raucous crowd encouraged the behaviour, which many, subsequently criticized, as being a form of child abuse, hardly Jimmy Saville, but, come on now Bajans … !!! …

The piece was an incredibly well written piece of social commentary, in my view, and, Justin’s demeanor on stage was as indignant at times, as the message warrants !!!

Good work JB !!!!!

Okay, where to now, as you can see folks, lots of very good material was on display, and barring the very odd slip, the performances were, top notch !!!

This doesn’t apply to everything on view though, it was a disgrace in my view, to have all these well crafted monologues & short plays on show, alongside of ….

I live in limbo
She lives in limbo
I live in limbo
She lives in limbo ….

Pretty much repeated for 10 minutes, a piece by Carl Padmore, which was in the … “Professional” … category … Hmmmmm …. well okay Nifca peoples’ … ???

I understand this is Winston Farrels fav style of … “Beat Poetry” … Hmmmm … I know what should happen, it should get BEAT by pretty much everything else that was performed on Sunday !!!!!

The younger school productions were all well written & very well performed by the clearly, very talent-filled, young fraternity of upcoming actors, and, I hope, writers.

Thus, I have to now shout Adrian G & Lamarr C, for really wetting the ears of the people, with, passionate, incredibly well written & performed, pieces of spoken word artistry !!!

Lamarr is the new kid on the block … !!!

Incredibly articulate, lyrical, relevant & cool, in terms of his stage presence, there is so much more to come from him I hope, as, if this is him at 17, WTF will he be like when he gets to be half my age … there’s your clue, I ain’t saying no more on that !!!

I will also make this point, at this stage, as I know certain heads will be like, we don’t care bout dem’ ….. !!!!!!

Hmmmm …. well, it became very evident that there is a very big race divide under the surface here, as I saw NO white Bajans of the ilk who you’d expect to be at an arts show, that deals in more than wuk up business.

So …. the upper echelons of White Bajan society, not down with Black Artistry, that says something about the state of Bajan society, in various ways & on various levels … ???

Why huh ….. ??? ……

I wonder ……

Could it be because they really don’t feel, or know, what it is to assess more than which boat they’re gonna buy, or ex-plantation home they’re gonna own ……

Indeed, as much I am glad that Black Talent, was on display, it is just as important that … “THEY” … also recognise, the levels of thought that exist within those black folk who they clearly feel themselves, to be better than ….

….. that was something that I did notice, that, I found a lil’ disturbing ……

Anyway …..

I have to mention DJ Simmons’ performance, which brought the man, Clement Payne, to life. His performance was as usual, energized, and, very positively delivered.

Well done Deej … !!! … I mention him, and, link him to Lamarr, as I know he has been a big influence in Lamarr’s development.

Thus, as i’m once again being bitten to death, as I type this, let me get to the performance that I think should, hands down, be winning this category.

As a dramatic piece of art, the Matthew Murrell, Yardie Boy Theatre, production, featuring a cast of multi-talented performers, in their own right, was, not only an outstanding piece of thought provoking creativity, but, it was a disturbing, “Reality Check”, on the darker side of our lives, from the perspective of the demons that we all have to fight against, or, succumb to, depending on our mental state of being.

The sniggers & laughter in the audience, at times, betrayed a level of discomfort in many, at perhaps seeing that which they have done, or, have seen done to family & friends by those with uncontrolled demons …

Everything from parenting, rape, paedophilia, homophobia & domestic abuse, were examined and portrayed with a sense of irony, but, to me, a much deeper sense of acknowledgement of these demons, and our inability to overcome these things, that have, in many cases, created irreparable damage to our loved ones, relationships and most importantly, our inner being.

If I could vote, he & his cast would get the vote !!!

A cast which included some very familiar people to the artistic circuit here, Azman members, Ayesha Nura, Typhanie Albert & Marcus Myers, to name a few, who were all very impressive in their respective characters.

The acting talents of these artists of different ilks, should be respected, because, as any artist will tell you, it’s hard enough to get your own chit tight, let alone do anothers’ work justice !!!

The direction & manner in which the transitions from scene to scene were managed, all warrant credit, for the casts execution of what Matthew obviously wanted, as well as Matthew’s direction & vision of his words !!!!!

A huge, “Thumbs Up”, to the whole crew & Matthew, good luck, hope the judges have the sense to give this play the platform it deserves, by giving it the accolade it deserves, by being placed in the … “Winners Circle”

Time will tell, however, there are a couple of things that are important for the Nifca organisers to sort out for future events in my view !!!

Sound for the dramatic performers via stage mics, is essential, as the audience, after paying 25 bucks need to get to hear all that is being said in such an auditorium.

The fact that the poets are getting microphones now is cool, however, I hear that this took some 5 years to obtain !!!!!

If they are gonna have young peoples’ productions in the finals, help them out by giving them effective sound, from stage level, as projection for some of the very young people, isn’t a given, some need help to be heard, as it’s obvious that, their vocals chords are not fully developed.

It is also, in my view, extremely bad organization to pit poets against full scale mini-plays & monologues of a theatrical nature, yes poets, can & do have dramatic works, but, the literary part of what poets do, cannot & should not be judged against an entire cast of performers, performing mini-plays, which capture, more than the ears of the audience !!!

It is clear that it can work for a show, but, a competition, Hmmmmm … ???

There are a growing number of highly talented poets, who, I think are deserving of their own category, just my view, but drama & theatre go together, spoken word, hmmmmm, is becoming a very specific genre of artistry, in it’s own right, and is deserving of the NCF & Nifca’s respect !!!!!

It would of been very interesting to have seen an artistic, battle royale & let’s say, ol’ Mr. Limbo & Lamarr Coward, were the finalists, to then see, how they would be judged, as comparable pieces of art in the same category ….. ???

Anyway, I guess I have to give my top three, well, whether I do or not, I’m gonna …..

Yardie Boy Theatre = Gold
Janine White = Silver
Lamarr Coward – Bronze

Although, as a 17 year old entrant who is actually, very new to this, Mr. C could well be worthy of a gold medal, purely due to his inexperience, but, suffice to say, there were so many really impressive performances, it would be ridiculous to define anyone as better than anyone else, it was just a great night of Bajan artistry, that should be celebrated, thus, in this instance, I give the NCF & Nifca credit, for ensuring that the artists chosen to be in the finals were, mostly, of a very high calibre !!!

Well done to all involved, but, don’t disgrace the event by having Mr. Limbo win a dyammmm ting !!!

That’s my word & it’s on the Virge.


“People” … Str8 Spoken Word … a poem written by Big Virge

Acapella time folks …….