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Why Man Why …. ??? …. written by Big Virge 7/3/2011

You know folks, these days it’s hard to write about the way the bullchit in this world continues to turn, but, as they say, sometimes in the darkest of times, inspiration comes.

Well, unfortunately, this is a dark time for a lot of my peeps as an old school friend of mine, regrettably, took his own life at the weekend, for this, I am truly saddened and strangely inspired to write a few words in memory of Michael Philips.

Rest In Peace Mick and find that peace that you could not find in this life.

You know, you just never know what a person is going through, personal issues, financial issues or whatever it is that would drive someone, who, from the outside looking in, had a lot to live for.

It begs the question, why ???

Why man why … ???

The usual questions will now be being asked, but those closest to someone who takes their own life are the ones privy to what probably drove them over the edge. It is not a time to point fingers for those on the outside looking in or to start blaming people, because, when all’s said and done, that person is gone now and there is nothing that is gonna bring them back.

I sat with one of my closest friends last night and spoke about our feelings of loss and how we would remember our friend.

My friend said that all he could remember of him were the good things about him and that’s how he wants to keep it, it seems like a cliche and an obvious thing to say, but, as painful as it is to think of the incredibly selfish act of taking your own life, one has to cherish what was good and not focus on the bad.

My friend said to me recently that, we, as human beings have a habit of stating when we’re down and unhappy but rarely do the opposite, “You know today, I’m really happy because nothing went wrong !”, we take these things for granted, much as we do, the pressures, self-inflicted or otherwise, that affect other peoples’ lives.

It is easy to gloss over the good to see the bad, as it is, equally as easy, to think everything’s all good when actually, you know, things are bad.

I am truly saddened by seeing a young man who, in my view, was as giving, peaceful and loving as Michael was and I am truly sorry for his mother, partner & children, because, he was one of the good ones, from what I know.

I really don’t believe in writing this stuff normally, but, somehow, this has hit me in a way that has made me question, much that resides in the lives and minds of people that drives them to commit suicide ???

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been there and have fleeting thoughts of that type now, but, thankfully, to this point, I’ve had good people around me and have found a craft in writing that helps to release those feelings of angst and lowness that in the end lead to depression and feeling as though, there’s no point anymore.

Times are really hard right now, no matter what fluffy clouds the media want to present as the alternate reality to what’s really going on in many peoples lives worldwide, but, take a leaf out of impoverished peoples’ attitude, no matter what they’re going through, they find a way to not only continue, but to keep smiling.

It is a time to stop bickering over bullchit, money and all the trappings of apparent success, it is a time to redress the balance of living to work and working to live, it is a time to communicate openly and honestly with people, especially the ones you truly love, no matter how hard it is, because, there can surely be, no worse feeling than not being able to, when you had so much you wanted to share.

As I said to a couple of friends last night, what is the point of having every technological gizmo in the world when, at a man’s darkest time, he felt so alone that he didn’t even want to use any of them to express the pain he was going through.

Why are we placing so much faith in things that are so far detached from what we actually need ???

Having watched Reggie, Samantha janus & Lenny Henry in Africa, it amazes me, that, especially in Mr. Henry’s case, having been involved in, “Comic Relief”, for as long as he has, that, seeing people in Africa suffer still makes him cry, why man, why … !?! … Crying isn’t gonna help them, much like crying at a funeral isn’t bringing anyone back.

Why would you even name something, “Comic Relief”, that basically shows you the worst living conditions for some of the poorest … (financially speaking) … people in the world, and then ask these same people, who are again … (financially) … better off, to give charitably, out of the kindness of their heart … ???

Guilt again …. ???

Appealing to peoples guilt because they’re cracking jokes … !?! … or is it to shift guilt from those who take expensive equipment to these slums and ghettos to show the world how much better off we are with our concrete jungles and materially driven existences ….. ???

I am not gonna take back talk here, there are a great many tears of guilt in this world, which are tears, in many cases, for personal comfort and to mask guilt, why cry, if you had no part in the tragedy of the loss of someones’ life ?

Cold as it may seem, there is nothing that I can say that can be colder than, “those things”, that, drive a person to commit suicide, whatever it was, all I’m saying is ….


As the tears start to come to my eyes now, they are coming because I’m angry, angry that nobody was there for Mick, that, for all our wondrous tools of communication, he felt so alone that he no longer could see any value in talking to anyone about what he was going through, and, more importantly, what he was going to do and has now done !

I watched, “A Time To Kill”, again, on Friday and this is a movie that epitomises that scenario of being in that place of no longer thinking rationally about a problem, and the repercussions of people choosing to ignore the signs of someones’ anger, frustration and desperation in a situation where they feel that it is now beyond their control.

Putting aside the Hollywood, fairytale ending, the question is always the same, what would you do to ensure that someone you cared about didn’t do something that both, you, and they, would, inevitably regret ???

However, there is a flip-side to that question, which is, would you drive them to do, that thing, if you felt in your heart of hearts that it would make life easier for you, regardless of what the consequences were for them ???

Have we become so Facebook happy and self-obsessesed that we have to see people suffer, or, actually lose people to, even, take a minute and think about how fucked up things have become when more and more mothers are having to bury their sons.

All I can say to Micks’ mum and the family he’s left behind is ……

I’m so so sorry for your loss and ask that question ….

WHY …. ????

For Michael Philips ……

A Couple More ….. written by Big Virge 3/3/2011

Recommendations for y’all ……

The last Friday of March, if you are a dancer and true music lover , should be spent at the Drunken Monkey, on Shoreditch High Street, E1.

The reason I say this is because I was at last months, end of the month special folks and yes, this is the full version of Jazzie B’s night at the social, amazingly, held in a pub, but, due to the fact that it was Ronnie Herel’s B’day apparently, it was a F’ing top dollar night folks, trust me on this, from the moment we walked in, it was grooves, moves and juice all the way !!!

Too many classic tracks to mention, but, suffice to say, I can’t remember the last time I heard DJ’s play tunes for, literally, a couple hours, without missing a beat !!!

Respek due to Matt White & the crew because sweat was dripping of my body within 30 minutes of getting in !!!

The best part of the night for me was watching the ladies from the East getting down, the way women are supposed to … !!! … Not giving a fuck about how they looked, but being more intent on showing off their moves and shaking it with their boyfriends, or with us single boys who know how to shuk the fuk out and get their asses moving, yeah, that’s me Mo Fo’s, anyone who’s been out with me when the vibe and sounds are right know that I don’t have to lie, because I know how to have a good time !!!!!

As with everything, their were less appealing things about the night, but I’ll get to those things in a later post as the goodness far outweighed the usual night out fuckry that is pretty much standard these days, but suffice to say, on the proviso that the music policy remains the same, this is gonna be a growing event, trust me, as the nonsense that has become club music of today can only pale into oblivion if they maintain the quality of music that, we, my boy and I, Richochet, (dat likkle bloodclaat !!! LoL), had the pleasure of hearing last Friday, absolutely top drawer from start to finish, which at 3, is more like it, The Subsoul night at The Social could do with finding a venue that caters for the late night ravers, who want music that keeps our old bones moving into the early hours !!!

It’s always interesting when you hear people talk about the old skool coming back, especially when it never F’ing left. We have to, without doubt, move forward & progress with the times, but, as the saying goes, “form is temporary, CLASS is PERMANENT !”, never a truer word hath been spoken, whether it be sport, visual art or music, a great tune will always be a great tune, the flava of the month track is simply that, the flava for, “that month”, whilst timeless classics retain that impact whenever they’re heard, this night was a complete testament to that fact.

Anyhow, my other rec is for all you true hip hop headz, The Monch – ster’s new album W.A.R. (WE Are Renegades) is due out very shortly, around the 20th of March I believe and having got a sneak listen, I can confirm that this album is every bit as good as the two previous solo efforts, “Desire & Internal Affairs”.

As per usual, the linguistic gymnastics and content are just as on point as ever, relevant, potent and forthright, just pure hip hop at it’s … “FINEST”.

Fav tunes are CLAP & LET MY PEOPLE GO ……….

Be free people, but pay for this chit, cos this is the goodness that’s coming out in 2K11 !!!!!

So there are a couple rec’s from V for tha week !!!!!