“Double Standards” … A Poem written by Big Virge 29/11/2013

Yes Yes people ….. !!!

Well, it’s time to get … SERIOUS … once again people !

This subject of … ” Double Standards ” …. could be a book, rather than a poem, but, ya know sometimes, it takes something to happen in life, to inspire such a work, as the one I now post …..

To give you some background to where this has come from …..

A White guy I know, yes that’s right, I said it ….

He is WHITE, was showing himself to be supportive of UKIP / EDL, type ideals, in reference to Englands’, rising Islamophobia, and general distrust of immigrants, unless of course, they’re Aussies, South Africans, or Kiwis, and I don’t mean Maoris or Aborigines either ….

This individual, who used to live behind my London home, upon seeing that I actually take these matters, which of course, encompass British Racism, VERY SERIOUSLY !

…. took it upon himself, after referring to some kind of friendship, we apparently had, which was a figment of his Very, CLEARLY, vivid imagination…………

….. to drop the kind of lines, that, define the hypocrisy, and …

” Double Standards ”

…. that are prevalent in, Far Too Many, White Brits, especially when it comes to their,

” Oh So PRECIOUS ” …. Cun’ …

Ooopps, typo ….. COUNTRY !!!!!!!

…… So, he then took it upon himself, to advise me that he wasn’t aware that I was Englands’ version of Martin Luther King, and that I seemed quite happy to be in England, whilst I could live there & get paid … !!!!!

Well, as I then, quickly, had to explain to him, I would of left long ago, had my mother not needed me, due to my father leaving her, upon finding out that she had Multiple Sclerosis, which, this white boy should of been aware of, due to the …. VERY CLEARLY MARKED … DISABLED PARKING BAY … in front of our home, that he used to walk past, to go for a drink in the pub next to my house !!!!!

He then chose to apologise for his … ” Oversight ” …


Thus, this poem is, not only, a response to his rather, fast mouth, that clearly opens, before his brain pathways, allow any thought waves to be received !

It’s also a message to everyone, firstly, the black actors, complaining about not getting their trinkets for being, paid liars, by their white, puppet masters ?!?

Now, I know people don’t like to think these things, but logically, what are actors exactly ?

Well, let’s look at slaves, for a sec, shall we ?

They would of been, and in certain cases, still are directed, as to when to do things, and, more importantly, when they could, or should speak right ?

So, exactly how does that differ to having a director, who could quite conceivably, be a black, house negro, dictating his masters wishes, (being Hollywood), to the lesser, black slaves right, (The Actors) ?

So, how does it differ, well today ….

It’s the … LEVEL of PAY, that they now receive, right ……..

Think about it ……

Now, i’m not saying people should stop acting, or, making TV Programmes or films, because I like a good performance, like the next person, however, people need to recognise what they are watching, a person presenting a facade, to make you buy into the act they present, to make you believe, they are something, they are NOT !!!!!

Sound familiar at all people ???

I think it probably does for most of you, from friends, to partners, to politicians, leaders and business associates, and ESPECIALLY ….. ENTERTAINERS, who spend much of their lives, in front of cameras, or, behind microphones !!!!!

So, be they white or black, as Danny DeVito recently said, they all work for a rather, ” Elite Club “, of racists, in a country that has founded itself, on acts of Terrorism, against people of colour, from the moment they, as ……

Wait for it …………….

IMMIGRANTS …. !!!!!!

…. went and STOLE land, to claim for their own, to then, import black slaves, to labour for them, to profit in ways, that, set up legacy of … well …

I’d say ….. ” Double Standards ” ……

Let’s not forget the Oregon situation, and how it’s being handled by the police, regarding, FEDERAL LAWS … !!!!!!

…. that are seemingly, being BROKEN … !!!!!!

…. by a set of well, for want of a better phrase, gun toting, trailer park, rednecks, as opposed to the way the police handled the citizens of Baltimore & Ferguson, whose vindication for their behaviour, was due to the loss of life, NOT LAND, or the rights to use …… Again ……


Oh and one last thing, one of the … BIGGEST … !!!!!!

Double Standards ….

…. that seems to see, little sign of changing, is the attitude of black people, towards black people who have, ” The Minerals “, to speak out against the system, that they claim, is still oppressing them ….

…. and is responsible for their lot !!!

Well, i’m not foolish enough to think that, it has had, no effect !

However, if the mere sound of a black voice speaking the truth about it, FRIGHTENS their arse, to the point where they immediately, show you that,

” You should be careful what you say, because they will come for you ! ”

The double standard they live by, may well be the one that they then quote, as being the reason any black who has done so previously, ends up dead, invariably in, dubious circumstances …… ?!?!?

Well, if they have to stand, pretty much, alone, it’s no surprise that in 2016, we are still making, petty stands, to gain a yard, to be driven back three …..

The COWARDICE, Yeah I said it … !!!

COWARDICE …. !!!!!!

… and, inability to, TRULY UNIFY as … A MOVEMENT !!!!!!

…. makes it pretty easy for the powers that be, to continue to do, what they’ve now been doing for Centuries, to live and maintain the double standards that they, not only live by, but the double standards that the masses live by, that, in the case of black people, can leave us dead, or fighting each other, or worse still, fighting over fame and fortune, rather than, fighting for equality as well as social & spiritual development, that helps us to grow as a unified people, who stand together, to ensure that the legacy of slavery, does not allow our lives to be taken and then deemed by the law, to be done so, with impunity ….

and more importantly, to stop white guys like the one who inspired this, running their chops, as if we should’t run ours when they get found out to be continuing with the very same wicked actions, that defend their …….

“Double Standards” …….

Well, my mind and body are neither penned, or, dead yet, but if speaking the truth is the cause of either, occurring in my future, well, as I said to a black man here in Barbados who, upon hearing a track of mine, exhibited the same attitude I spoke about above,

Remember ….

TRUE CREATIVITY, does not cower into a corner due to FEAR, and if it does, it’s simply not REAL …

and like the title of the poem states, stands buy …. ” Double Standards ” …..

You have been WARNED !

This is for : Stephen Lawrence, Christopher Alder, Anthony Walker, Trayvon Martin, their families, and all the others who have suffered, or, lost their life due to police, racism, or the racists who take pride in using the colour of a persons skin, to justify taking life !!!

So, do yourself the favour of NOT Listening, if The Truth, FRIGHTENS You, or, offends you, to the point of some, ignorant reaction …..

which probably proves that you also live by ….

Double Standards !!!!!!

Okay …. Rant Over …. !!!!!!!

Now, only click play if your … HARD ENOUGH, as the Brits’ like to say okay ……. !!!!!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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“Evolvers” …. A Poem written by Big Virge 9/9/2013

Ya know ….

I’m down with … Problem Solvers … !!!
NOT THOSE … who use … Revolvers … !!!!!

By this I mean … ” Evolvers’ ” … !!!!!

“Logical” … Thinkers … !!!
who … DON’T Wear … BLINKERS … !!!

“Evolved” … like … ” Incas ” … !!!
who … “Peruse” … The View …
“From” …. “Machupicchu” … hues …
to blues now seen ….
in … ” New Age Crews ” … !!!!!

NOT … SO Evolved … !!!!!

would seem … NOT … !!!!!!!

“Problems” … Up Top …
“Evolution” …. dropped ….
for … ” Dropping Bombs ” … !!!

“Inhumane” … wrongs …
as wrongs ….. move on …..
and become … ” More Strong ” … !!!!!

I Evolve … to belong …
where wrongs … ” ABSCOND ” … !!!!!

because … what … ” Evolves ” …
are thoughts that … ” Revolve ” …

on ….. ” Cerebral Planes ” …..

Do you get what i’m saying … ?!?

Higher levels of … ” Being ”
where there is … ” No Ceiling ”

A place where … ” Believing ”
is something …. ” ALL PEOPLE ”
are seeing ….. Each Evening ….. !!!!!

and …
Each Day … ” Receiving ”
…. “Within” ….

” ALL THEIR ” … Teachings … !!!!!

“Darwinism” …. REMOVED …. !!!
and … ” EUGENICS ” … Too … !!!!!

Instead … Stronger Movements … !!!!!
are things I be … ” Choosing ” …
to be a … ” Good Student ” … !!!
who … ” Evolves ” …

with MORE … ” Prudence ”
than … ” IGNORANT ” … Tutors … !!!!!!

See …
Evolution of … ” words ”
I put into …. ” VERSE ”
“Evolve’ … where things … ” Work ”

Even if …
They may … ” HURT ” … !!!!!

because of their … ” CLARITY ”
Revolving round … ” REALITY ”

Reality …. where …. ” VANITY ”
Denies … So Many … ” CHARITY ”

The type where people
….. RISE ABOVE …..

These acts of … “Evil” …
and show …. ” LOVE ” …. !!!!!

Instead of …. All This ….

” SELF-ABSAORBED ” … stuff … !!!

It’s CLEAR …
some have … ” evolved ”
just … far enough …
for them to … ” Absolve ”
their acts of …. ” LUST ” …. !!!!!

LUST for … Each Other …
Ahead of … Their Mothers … !!?!!

LUST for … ” Destruction ” … !!!!!
of our … Fellow Brothers …
when we … NEED … ” Constructions ”
That BUILD … and DON”T … “smother”

A way to … ” AGREE ” …
and EVOLVE … to be …

….. ” FREE ” ….. !!!!!

and find ….. ” UNITY ”
that … BYPASSES … Hatred …
in … Vapid Type … Racists … !!!
with … ” Klan Type ” … beliefs … !!!!

They NOW …
Have … ” Evolved ”
“Beyond” … Their White Sheets

It seems that their … ” Offspring ”
Now … ” RUN ” … companies … ?!?

where … colours are … ” Mixed ”
“Dissolving” … to … “FIT” …
in with … ” These Racists ” … !!!!!

NO ….

“Evolving” … THERE … !!!

because most are … ” Scared ” … !!!!!
to … Evolve … to that place …
where they’re … NOT AFRAID … !!!!!

to face … ” Retributions ”
for YES … ” Contributing ”
to such … ” Revolutions ”
that are … ” Evolutions ”

to finding … ” SOLUTIONS ”
that … INSPIRE … ” Movements ”

that … Benefit … ” ALL ” … !!!!!!

The Rich … and the … Poor …
cos’ … that gap … FOR SURE …

” Evolves ” … to … Ensure
That … We Can’t … ” IGNORE ”
These things … ” ANYMORE ” … !!!!!!

“Dissolving” … The Void ………………………………

where we have … ” Unemployed ”
Might Help … some … ” Evolve ”
from … Trying to … ” ROB ” … !!!

But that … ” Evolution ” …
Is NEEDED … ” In Boardrooms ”

Don’t get it … ” Confused ” … ???
to … ” EVOLVE ” …

THEY NEED TOO … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Greed Driven” … Villains … !!!!!
who … Clearly … Aren’t Pilgrims ”
who live by a … ” Faith ” …
That FEEDS … ” Empty Plates ”

They’d say that … “They Do !”
but … is that … ” The Truth ”

I don’t have an answer … ?!?
That Question’s for … YOU … !?!

Those now … ” EVOLVED ”
to think past … ” Themselves ”

who … Do Not … INVOLVE … !!!

“Pursuit” … of … Mass Wealth
as … part of the … ” Well ”
….. where their …..
” BETTERMENT ” … Dwells … !!!!!

Knowledge of … ” Self ”
that … ” Uplifts ” … The Mental

A form of … ” Self Help ”
that … ” TRULY IS ” … Central
to … ” Human Infusion ” …
of … what should be … L O O S E N E D … !!!

Our … Hold of … ” Confusion ”
that leads to … ” Contusions ”
Persecutions … ” Exclusions ”
and movements so … ” GRUESOME ”

That … they seem …

” INHUMAN ” …. !!!!!!!

The words i’m now … Choosing
DO NOT FEED … Illusions … !!!

” Upliftment’s ” … BRUISING … !!!
has left … MANY … Losing …

A hope for … ” Inclusion ”
and some … ” Distribution ”
of more than … ” Sweet Talk ” …
from …tongues shaped like … FORKS … !!!!!
that … KEEP FUELLING … ” Wars ” … !!!!!!

So ….
Here’s My … ” Conclusion ”

It’s time for … ” SOLUTIONS ”
that … STOP … ” Destitution ”
and REMOVE … What’s Polluting …
Humanities’ … movements …
Towards some … ” Improvements ”

where LESS … are … “colluding”
to seeing … MORE SHOOTINGS … ?!?!?

INSTEAD …. ” Resolutions ”
that … Provide … ” Solutions ”

That …

REJECT … Revolvers …
…. ” Suicide Bombers ” …. !!!!!!!!

and …
Moods that are … ” Sombre ”

May see … ” Problem Solvers ”

be the ones …
who we choose …

to … INSPIRE …

…. ” Evolvers’ ” ….

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Simply, Holly Flo Lightly !

Okay it’s ladies day on my webpage today …..

Especially when, the ladies put down their expression … LIKE THIS !

Well, I can’t resist & Definitely, like it !!!!!
Loving her style, and well, as for the tune !!!!

What a groove, wid’ some schweet’ modern liks’ …
As far as i’m concerned, this is … The SHIT … !!!!!

Ms Lightly, has definitely, got … Flo’ …

Heavy Track, and that’s a FACT !

Big Respect goes out to, Oliver Whitehouse, for the visuals, SektionRed …. and Termite, for the chunnnne’ … !!!!!

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Abused women everywhere : Take Note !

Now folks, I am a man who does not believe in ism’s of any kind, be it Racism, Feminism, Chauvinism, or any other ism’ …. that separates, divides, or abuses, another human beings, basic, civil rights !!!!!

However, there is maybe one ism ….

I get down with …

and it’s …. REALISM …. !!!!!

and … THIS ….
is … Pretty F’ing REAL ….. !!!!!!

Great concept & the video is one you NEED TO … PAY ATTENTION to ….. !!!

Just found out about this young artist, and her artistic collective ….

And … as she says ….

It’s not about them, or any artist, defining themselves by gender, it’s just about being …. An Artist ….

Ideally one, who uses artistry, to reflect the realities, good and bad, of how we, as humans, interact with each other …..

Again, the video is as important, in this case, as the lyrics and music !!!!!

So, take 5 minutes out of your day, to take in something, worth the watch ….

Shay D people.

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The V in NZ … written by Big Virge 15/01/2016

So, having travelled ….

A VERY LONG WAY … !!!!!!

My arrival in NZ, came, just about …….

…. without, a last minute mis-hap ….. !!!!!

Taking my time, having gone through the rather, rigorous security checks at Sydney International, I very nearly, missed my Qantas Airlines flight, into Queenstown.

I’m developing a bit of a habit of either, missing flights, or, ALMOST… missing them, so, upon finally hearing the last call for my name, I had no idea how far away the gate was for my flight !!!!!

So, I did as much of a Usain Bolt as I could, with my hand luggage, and luckily, got there in time for me to be transported, via my own bus, to the aircraft, and finally, was on my way to my final outbound destination !

I have to say, considering my distaste for Sydney, and the Australian vibes I had been encountering, since landing in Fiji. I was very impressed with Qantas, very nice seating, and entertainment, and pretty good food too !

Thus, a quick flight across the water to Queenstown, NZ, and wow, what a view as soon as you could see the landscape of the, South Island !!!

Having alighted from the aircraft, not only was I greeted by warm weather, but, as i’m sure it is, with most people arriving for the first time in this part of the world, my jaw dropped, when looking at the views that surrounded me, mountainous ranges, a plethora of different greens, from hillsides, to trees, to basically everything around us, even a couple of snow capped mountains, far in the distance !!!

Thus, my dream of seeing this country, with my own eyes had been fulfilled, so, through customs, and time to get to my hotel, and get to enjoying this experience !

It would seem that travellers’ cheques are now, somewhat outdated, as it took forever, to get some currency, but, the young ginger gentlemen, who worked at Travelex, after having to call a few heads, managed to get me some local NZ Dollars.

The airport in Queenstown is a well designed, very clean, and impressive building, every other vision, was an advert for some kind of outdoor activity, from assisted, Parachute Jumping, to Bungee Jumps, and the list went on and on ……

So, immediately upon leaving the airport, a cab pulls up, and, off we go, he explains the trip is basically 10 mins, and then, as I hear his accent, ask what his deal was, and, he was the first of numerous immigrants, I was to meet.

Just to give you an idea, I met immigrants from Germany, like the taxi driver, Holland, Scotland, England, America, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Taiwan, China & India, within my two week stay …..

This must have been the first place i’ve EVER, been to, where I did not see or meet a black immigrant, anywhere, during my entire stay, crazy, but kinda nice to have the white boys, take care of my bags upon arrival, one of the few, White Kiwis I met in Queenstown !!!!!

It’s crazy, but yup, from a colonial perspective, NZ has an abundance of nationals, from other places, who have not only visited, but have then, through sponsorship programmes, found work, and made lives for themselves, in this beautiful part of the world, and when you witness the beauty of this country, in the summer, as I did, you can see why !!!!!

The 1st of December, being the official, beginning of summer, was when i’d arrived, in slightly overcast conditions, but, by the time i’d unpacked and indulged in the suite of a room that overlooked Lake Wakatipu’, it was a beautiful, sunny evening !!!!!

At first glance, the lake was an awesome vision, extraordinarily clear water, and ducks galore, at it’s banks, chilling near to a jetty where the local water taxis stop, and dock, before ferrying people back to Queenstown itself.

The Hilton complex is a very well designed, I guess, you could say, mini-town of it’s own, everything, from a spa, to pub grub, and a more, snooty vibe of a restaurant. A cafe, art gallery, swimming pool and jacuzzi, and plenty of conference space for the business traveller.

I was of course, as stated, a singular entity, in being the, one and only, black person in the hotel.

The workers, were either asian, or caucasian, a welcome change from what I usually see when I travel.

So, off I trotted for a walk, and from the first walk I took, which took me through a place called, ” Peace Park “, I knew i’d made a smart choice to come to NZ, while i’m young enough to enjoy it, even with my number of ailing body parts, as I age.

45 …. ain’t that old, granted …

…. but, it’s old enough to know that certain trips are not gonna be so easy, in future years, so, I quickly, took in the sights, a beautiful sunset, gulls lounging on one of the many jetties, on either side of this, Great Lake, and a very pleasant hour was spent acclimatising, and taking in the sights, that were literally a walk away from my hotel room, which overlooked the lake …..

Worth EVERY PENNY … !!!!!

Fireplace, Bathroom, with a PROPER Bath, shower, and seating area, with table and chairs outside

Pure NICENESS !!!!!

So, off for some food, hit the pub, which is not as it sounds folks, this wasn’t, some Albert Square, wannabe’, type pub !

I was greeted by a youngish’ looking, bearded Scot, Phil, who indulged in conversation, while he worked, and we struck up a chord, pretty much, straight away. A cool guy, who wasn’t seemingly, aware of where the Maoris, I was keen to meet would be … LOL … !!!!!

We did laugh when one of his colleagues was like, there is a Maori show at The Peak, a tourist attraction, 20 minutes away, in Queenstown !!!!!!

So, upon looking at the menu, there was a nice range of foods, lots of meat, and some gourmet-ish’, type additions, weekly barbecues, local wines, and a couple of local beers, which I tried, and found to be, well brewed, and i’d say, a 6.5/10, in terms of the beers i’ve tried over the years.

This was far from being, some, cheap and cheerful, ” Pub Grub “, type vibe ……

So, back to my room, to catch some Z’s, and to get ready to sample the world of the South Island of New Zealand …..

Experiences that I shall expand upon, in my next few blog posts …..

But Finally …..

The V was in New Zealand …… !!!!!

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Santana does … ” Don’t Blush Baby ” …

Couldn’t resist …..

Jokes galore up in dis’ one ….. b’cos the whole scenario was ….


SMH / LOL ……

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The Pre-New Zealand Experience … Written by Big Virge 14/01/2016

Well, before I hit Sydney, where I got my first taste of Australian vibes … !!!

I have to say that I did meet a very cool couple in Fiji, who were white folks, born in Australia, however, they were not from Sydney, where I popped in and out of …… on my way to New Zealand, THANKFULLY … !!!!!

I have so many good things to say about New Zealand, however, before I get to the beautiful things ….

I had to stop in Australia, just to break up my flights, and bwooyyyyy ….

Do I wish I didn’t !!!!

Although, everything for a reason, and I sense that reason, which will please lots of White Aussies, who read this …. is that ….

I really, have NO BUSINESS, being there !!!

Now, it’s not fair to generalise, but, from the Aussies I met, or, didn’t ….. in NZ, who just stared at me ….

…. and NOT …. In a cool way …. !!!!

…. to the ones, who I was in the vicinity of …. in Fiji, and, in the airports in Nadi & Sydney, their vibe is really, in my opinion, and now, my experience …. NOT NICE !!!!!

Apart from being, in the majority of cases, rather unpleasant to look at, and to listen to …. THAT BLOODY ACCENT …. !!!!!

If these people are not racist, i’d suggest, in far too many cases, as a matter of course …. Then, Aborigines ain’t from there, and let’s just remind the dummies that, the world now knows that, THE ABORIGINES …. are the REAL Australians, and, the true, indigenous people of that land !!!!!

Now, let me say, i’ve played cricket against, and with, numerous, White Australians, over the years, and have … NEVER … Experienced racism ….

NEVER … !!!!

Well, not directly at least ……

However, I am a big guy, and have a … Bigger Character, when in my element, but, not for, ONE SECOND, do I think that, THE CRIMINALS, that the Brits sent away & DIDN’T WANT …. !!!

…. and, more importantly, their offspring ….. do not have the same traits as their, not so distant, cousins !!!!!

If they don’t …

Well then … I’m a freaking Australian !!!!!!

The drinking, and how the, ” Truth Juice “, opens up their ignorance, reveals much about their, hidden ideals, and beliefs …..

Fijians stared, but more in that ….

“Whoaaaa … Who is this dude ?”, kind of way ….

Aussies stared in that …..

“Errrr what’s that !!!!!….. kind of way

….. and in that,

“Who does he think he is and what’s he doing here ?”… kind of way … !!!!

Well, hear what motha’ fuckers …. !!!

I’m moving in that ….

” You’ve got nothing on me ” … type of vibe !!!!!

And oh …..

” You don’t get to have rights, or access to things that I don’t ” …

Kind of way …. OKAY !!!!!

Between, reaching Fiji, and hitting Sydney, Queenstown NZ & Fiji again, over the course of 3 weeks, I saw, basically, NO OTHER BLACK PEOPLE folks …. Maybe ONE, but I think that my eyes may have been playing tricks on me …

LOL … !!!!!

…. but, as I tell people …..

I don’t travel the world to meet people, I travel the world to see the beauty of this planet, that some entity created …. who had a vision, for all shades, creeds and colours, to live equally, appreciate, and maybe just maybe, to get along with each other, without prejudice, judgement or, ignorance !!!!!

Oh and YES, that’s right, I am judging … !!!!!

If Trump can do it, and …..

If the …. ” Pro White ” ….

Anti-immigrant protestors in Sydney, can do it, those who needed to be separated from immigrants, on the ten year anniversary of the Cronulla riots, then hey, I should be able to have a say, that doesn’t go down so well with them !!!!!

Having seen the vibes of that unpleasant scenario, on the TV in my hotel room in Sydney, during my overnight stay, it’s only right !!!!!

I originally wrote this, while in Nadi airport, but, due to other matters taking precedence, I am only managing to post this now, in 2016, having now of course, seen the McLaughlin/Chris Gayle – ” Blushgate ” … of last week

So, as an ex cricketer of a pretty good standard, let me just state that, like many others, but not quite for the same reasons, I was truly astonished at his complete and utter disregard for the fact that …

1 – He’s in Australia, on National Television
2 – He’s in Australia, on National Television, chirping up some WHITE bit of skirt
3 – He tried his luck, to get some white puss, whilst being interviewed about cricket

and finally, and most importantly ….

4 You’re a Very Big, Black Dude, making what could be termed as, creepy advances to a WHITE GIRL, on National TV in AUSTRALIA … !?!?!

I know you think that, because you’re getting paid, shitloads of money, to join the 20 Over SLUGFEST, that the Big Bash League is, that you’r some kind of special, privileged individual now, but, maybe you should get your head out of whoevers’ ass you can get, and recognise how such actions would be taken !!!!!

It’s clear that, even he can’t stop the tide of white girls wanting some Big Black Dawgy’ … LOL

…. but, in all seriousness, in a time where race relations, on the surface, seem okay, but are clearly, far from that, he’s gonna act like some kind of …

Black Dawg on Heat … and then try to pass it off, as a joke ?!?

Well, it is indeed, beyond laughable, and clearly, not so funny, to certain, male, White Australians, who have pretty much, en masse, jumped on the …

“How Dare He” … bandwagon, as if, white sportsmen have never tried it on with female reporters, who, let’s get this clear, are rarely, frumpy looking women ?!?

…. and, as one comment I read, pointed out, this, from guys who work for an organisation, that, has taken the highly, respectable, if a little, snooty, world of cricket, into a fanfare of musically driven, fast food, microwave cricket, for the, internet generation of short attention span, viewers, and, even faster girls, in short skirts, cavorting on stages, claiming to be, team cheerleaders, who do, everything but, ask the patrons for a dollar, to take off, the rest of the, little they have on …..

Double standards anyone ….. !!?!!


OTHER …. black people, may have to travel through places like Australia man, nobody is saying you should’t be who you want to be, or try it on with the ladies, but a little finesse, and style, in how you work your charms, might not be a bad idea, before just doing .., WHAT YOU WANT, because there are repercussions, that may not just affect you man ….

Come On Man !!!!!

Anyway, Sydney has this vibe of …. Hustle & bustle & disrespect, which I got from some oriental cabbie, the moment I came out of the airport, after already having had my bag searched by some, Indian, wannabee Aussie, at customs.

Note : neither were white, but, in his case, had me up like some kind of …. Excuse my language …. CUNT !!!!!

The customs guy, upon hearing the route of my journey, was on some,

” Do you think it was wise to travel now ?!? “, type rhetoric, as if he and Trump, were the best of friends ?!?

Opened up my chit’, and as is their want, didn’t even attempt to put back the clothes he’d so willingly, thrown aside whilst looking for the bomb he’d imagined was in it !!!!!

Then, this lil’ …. Oriental ASS, was as rude a cab driver as I’ve ever had … !!!!!

Abrasive, to the point where the guy who arranged it, had to run some ….

” Can you just take the gentlemen !!! “, and basically …. Shut The Fuck Up, type talk !!!

I was too tired to get into it, but, was very close to just getting someone else !!!!!
Just incredible !!!!!

I actually was that tired, that, in the end, i’d even got my hotel confused !!!!!

So, the lil’ fucker got paid & I had to get another cab, but, in the end, not to surprisingly, it was my next driver, who was a Muslim, who affirmed much that I was feeling, and even related a story about a black businessman, who he’d once given a ride to, who explained that, due to the level of racism he’d experienced in Australia, he cried in the cab due to it, and vowed to NEVER return there, no matter the money !!!!!

No such reaction would I be giving !!!!!!

The hotels I stayed in, were, very average …. and the service was, Especially Poor, at the Mercure International, upon my return !!!!!

Basically, FORGET … staying at that place !!!!!

Once again …. The Mercure International, 5 mins from Sydney Airport, with no traffic that is !!!!

No internet access, and the excuses were that my room was in a poor reception area in the hotel, and then, that…. Oh a lot of people are online and as it’s free, people were probably downloading lots, so that’s why I couldn’t get further than seeing the hotel internet welcome page …..

Un F’ing Believable … !?!?!

As for Sydney airport, well, thankfully, my flight back was way before the mad rush that ensues, through that airport, that I had to go through when I was on my way to New Zealand, in the morning there !!!!!

INCREDIBLE queues, and a manic, security check area, as bad as anything i’ve experienced in America … !!!!!

However, it was something to behold, travelling through, both LA & Miami after the recent, Miami police shooting incident & San Bernardino, obviously, one that inspired more words from me !!!!!

It’s clear to me now, why so many Asian/Oriental Women, end up with white guys too now, apart from their being, rather petite, it’s because brothers ain’t hitting these regions, where oriental people seem to be, slowly but surely, invading, as in Australia & New Zealand, and, one of my cruises in New Zealand, exposed to me just how rude and ignorant some oriental people can be !!!!!

However, again, the oriental girls who were working in the tourism fields in New Zealand, were lovely, so, maybe it’s just those who travel and haven’t travelled much, outside of the orient !!!!

However, it’s no excuse, as some of the white folks who work on the tours, advised me in private conversation !

It was actually, one of the funnier moments, when a Chinese Guy, in my hotel in NZ, tried to use his phone, via translator, to order food from a Czech Waiter, whose English, wasn’t bad, but wasn’t fully up to scratch !!!!

Jokes galore at the bar … !!!!!

Until, another Chinese guest recognised the sitch’ and came and helped, as he spoke some English !!!!!

As positive a note as I can end this post on !!!!

However, what I will say is this …..

Australia is a big place and surely has cool people, like the couple I met in Fiji, but, for me, my Sydney experience, and the vibe of the immigrant Aussies I encountered, to varying degrees, on this trip, have set in stone, my wish to …. at all costs, avoid going back there …. !!!!!

However, better things & people …. filled my final destination, on my outbound travels, and shall fill my last post about my trip across timelines …… that took me to The Beautiful, South Island, of New Zealand ……..

More to come ……

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“Evolvers” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes People ….. !!!

Having had a very calm, and quiet festive, after my …

Adventurous December … !!! … to, Pacific Coastlines and Landscapes, my first poetic offering of the year, is hopefully as inspiring, as it is, thought provoking ….

But in a more, PROGRESSIVELY EVOLVED Manner, than much that has been happening over the last few weeks …. !!!

From Paris to Nigeria bombings, to, US Madness, of a judicial & violent nature, to the, let’s say, not so evolved rhetoric, coming from the likes of Donald Trump, and his competition for the Whitehouse seat !!!!!

Anyway, from top to bottom, this is now, one of my favourites, and covers much that has occurred, and seemingly continues to occur within the ecology of Human Development …..

Take time with this one folks … !!!!!

because ….

Even if the word, ” Evolvers “, doesn’t actually exist in the Oxford, Posh Dictionary, it’s now, one of MY OWN, and what it’s inspired, reflects on much that happens in this crazy world of ours ….

Everyday …..

BELIEVE IT … !!!!!

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So Fiji People … written by Big Virge 12/12/2015

So …. Fiji people !!!

Well, my journey was not even complete, and I was due to hit, Christmas Island, before hitting Fiji … !!!!!

However, due to some very extreme conditions !!!

I was stuck in Honolulu Airport, having been told my flight had not left the island, and would be delayed for at least 2 and a half hours !!!!

Well, as air turbulence is never fun, I didn’t fancy a flight through weather that had grounded flights, so, was glad to be lounging around, waiting for news, and then met an English guy, who, much like myself, was on his way via numerous flights, to one of his destinations, Hong Kong, so, I gave him my tailors details in Hong Kong, as he wanted a 24 hour, tailor made suit, Hong Kong style !

So, upon giving him the details, then found out that yeah, the delay would be for 3 hrs of so, but, that this was due to the weather, so, we would be flying straight into Fiji !

Good news for me, as the flight time would be reduced by the time of the delay, so, all should work well !!!

Okay, so finally i’m on my Fiji airways flight, upon a very sweet little Airbus, and due to the flight diversion, found aisles of seats empty, so, could stretch my long self out thankfully !!!

The attendants were very professional, and the flight went very smoothly, and I ended up getting two dinners, which, for a change, were more than edible and were actually quite tasty for aircraft food !!!!

Presumably, prepped Fijian style ….

So, was looking forward to landing, and upon doing so, found customs to be quite stern, to the point where, in the end, I had my luggage opened up for a check, for the FIRST TIME EVER … !!!

However, having read about Fijis policies on bringing goods into the island, was cool about it, as the guard did his job without going overboard …

So, late as it was, my transfer company were awaiting my arrival, and thus, my Fijian experience was beginning … And let me tell you, these are some cool ass people !!!!

Smiles and a HUGE … Bula – (Hello) – Welcome !!!!!

So, after the jokes started, due to my head, virtually, hitting the ceiling in their office, my Hindu driver started the hours drive to my resort, The Outrigger !!!!

Well all I can say is …

WOW … !!!

Again, a massively warm greeting from the bell hops, complimentary ice tea, and off to my accommodation, a Bure Hut, traditional Fiji styled accommodation, and yes, it is a HUT !!!!

A Straw roof, and basically, a luxury wooden outhouse on the grounds of what I was later to find out, is a 43 acre, deluxe complex, for the 5 star traveller !!!

Now I don’t say that to f’ing brag, as it was merely part of my stop and go plan to get to New Zealand, without, extensive flight times !!!!

Well, BIG respect to My agent, Elaine, back in England at Eton Travel, who was not playing with her hotel selections for my trip !!!

It was by then, like, 10.30 pm, sort of time, and after a long day waiting around, the hammock outside the Bure, was too good to resist .. !!!!

However, smart man I am, I locked myself out of the Bure’ immediately !!!!

Now, having been driven to this, remotely located hut, on what was essentially a golf cart, I had to make the trek, in the dark, back up to the front reception, a good 10 minute hike up a rather steep hill !!!!!

Anyway, once I ordered room service for some food, I chilled and hit the hay finally !!!

Upon waking up, it occurred to me that my booking was for an Ocean View, which I didn’t have, so, went to distress some management … !!!

Well, the vibe of the staff was so warm and merry, that I was quite calm when I spoke to this, soft spoken, but, very apologetic, Fijian man, who was like,

“We’ll sort everything today !”

…. and then explained that the Bure was actually an upgrade, due to my late arrival !!!

More fool me eh, but hey, a chance to see two styles of room in a 3 night stay !!!

Why not …. ?!?

So, off for a massage, Balinese style …. and what a spa, again, needed a golf cart ride to get to this spa, located at the peak of the resort !!!!

A wedding had just taken place, so I sneaked a picture of the bride and groom, in full cultural dress, which had the bride saying … ” and who is this dude !!! ” as I snapped before asking !!!!

Anyway, off I went to this spa, that was like, a floor out of Bruce Lees’, Game of Death movie !!!!!

Phenomenal views and a suitably, comparable massage !!!!

Now fully relaxed, down to my room to chill and get my plan for the next day in order !!!!

A cultural jet boat ride, that stops for tourists to meet villagers who live by the banks of the longest river in Fiji, the Sigatoka’ river, was just the ticket !!!

So, off to bed and, an early start, but only for food, as the tour started at 12.30 in the afternoon.

Well, need I say that the food in the resort was, TOP DOLLAR !!!

The tour popped into the town of Sigatoka briefly, before heading out to the river where off roading was also available, on a beautiful day !!!!

Life jackets on, and off we went in what appeared to be a rickety boat, only to find it had a Lexus engine, and a very cool driver, who ran jokes, as well as giving us, informative, local historical knowledge, as we flew past locals swimming in the river, cattle grazing, and horses being washed, or chilling on the river banks !!!


These villagers are some of the oldest in Fiji with families going back generations, subsistence farming, and it was incredibly humbling to be allowed into their antithesis of the materialistic western world !!!!

Especially as, historically, these people were once cannibals, who didn’t take kindly to visitors, especially, Europeans, with fast hands, who chose to disrespect them, and their culture !!!!!

Chief Ori’, our chief for the day, was quiet and unassuming, as he guided us round the Koroua’ Village, where 18 families lived, in his bare feet !

A Fijian, steeped in his people’s heritage, who explained everything, from how his grandfather moved there many years before, from further up the river, to how all the families were descendants of his offspring !!!!!

From Wooden to brick houses, and of course, a church, were what constituted their village ….

Incredible to think that in 2015, that people still live in such simplistic, but to me, naturally rich ways !!!!

We were then advised as to the ritual we were about to become part of … The local, welcome ritual, to meet the elders, in what to most would be, essentially, a community hall to Western folk !!!

This was to have Kava, a local drink, which is a very traditional drink, made from a root, that, to say the least, had quite an effect, as I was to find out later on that night !!!!

Somewhat like a hallucinogen !!!

The ceremony felt, very spiritual, and the energy and vibe of the village men was serious, until we were formally welcomed, after we each had to introduce ourselves by name, and say what we each did.

… and, for those women complaining about equality, the lady who was with us, had to enter last, interestingly, which seemed to be a very serious requirement !!!

Certain things should to me not be seen as demeaning, they just are, and maybe some women should recognise that these things are not chauvinistic, but for certain peoples, have historical relevance, from a cultural perspective, not just here in Fiji !!!!

Worth thinking about …..

Anyway, we were then treated to food, all from the village, grown and produced by the villagers !!!!!

It was all, incredibly humbling, as it was clear that this food was somewhat of a feast, laid on especially for us, as visitors !!!!

Of course, a financial offering was later asked for, from us, as these tours have now reached a point where, we as tourists, help the villagers, from that perspective, so that they can use the money to buy certain materials that benefit the town, and it’s people when dealing with those living in the more modernised world as it were, that may help, without hopefully, changing their way of living too much.

We were then invited to join in a celebratory dance, as much as a fond farewell, as it was, a celebration of our being there, which was ably enhanced by the men, playing guitar and singing, while some of the elder women came out and got their groove on with us !!!

A great way to end the experience, Chief Ori’ then escorted us outside, where the children with rugby ball in hand, had our chief for the day, due to his age, Craig, from Australia, running, line out practice with them, as fine a final memory, as the day had been !!!!

Then, back to the boat for some, 360 spins, ably done by our driver, who drenched my ass at the back of the boat, but, that was great fun … !!!!!

He was clearly, well trained, and it was all very safe, but was a great way to end the day !!!!

The youngster who was in our party, quickly coming to the back of the boat, to indulge in the drenching, as we headed back to base !!!

The youngster later, was running nuff’ talk on me, in the bus back, as I found out this little Australian, was quite cheeky, and clearly, was very intrigued with everything from, where I was from, to where I was staying, to my hair, and my teeth, which were in his opinion, apparently yellow !!!!

I think he suitably embarrassed his mum and dad, who were, apparently, staying in the room, next to me, at the hotel !!!!!

So, having not even reached New Zealand yet, i’m now completing this post, as i’m heading back to Fiji, sadly, for a fleeting stop, on my way home ….

However, Fiji, due to its people, and the spiritual energy of the country, that I managed to experience, will always have a very special place in my heart ….. !!!

And the word … ” BULA ” … Will always bring a smile to my face ….

And, one day …. with The creators blessing, I will come back to this place, and make it a holiday to remember …. just like the wonderful three days I had, first time around ….

However, onwards and upwards once again, as I head New Zealands’ way, as I now land in Nadi safely, via Fiji airways, once again !!!!

and there you have it …..

That was …

Fiji People … !!!!!

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” Miami Vibes ” … written by Big Virge 9/12/2015

So, finally I stop in Miami for a couple of nights, having passed through the airport to go elsewhere previously.

So, a rather, unhelpful girl, questioned my receipt for a free transfer to my hotel, but, eventually accepted that I was due a spot on the bus !

The volume of Latinos & South Americans who are in this part of America is evident, from the airport, to the hotel, just from the volume of Spanish being spoken !!!!

So, off to the, ” Intercontinental “, which overlooks the bay, and is basically downtown ….

…. and WOW …. What a cool spot !!!

A … Very Old Hotel, by all accounts, but, fully decked out !

As per my trip to Maui, last year, the front desk guy was immediately on some,

” I’ll upgrade you sir ! “, without batting an eyelid, so, 12th floor, overlooking the bay, rather than my original room, which had a basic view of the bricks and mortar of downtown Miami !!!

So, already feeling the vibe of the place, my second encounter with my bell hop, was very cool too, as he explained that my room had some nice touches, like, electronic blinds so I need not leave my bed when going to sleep, or, when wanting to view the bay from my bed, upon waking up !!!!!

Also, info watch folks … !!!!!

There were some beverages placed on what, appeared to be a tray !!!!

Well, NOT QUITE … !!!

It was actually an, electronic device, which, he stated, charged the room, as soon as any of the items were lifted from their respective positions !!!!!

Nice !!!!!

…. but, not if you’re not made aware of such, subtle extravagances, which would clearly cost ya a fair penny !

Anyway, shower and food, as it was already 11 pm on Friday night, so, I wanted to try and sample the nightlife !!!

Well, the main restaurant stayed open late at the weekends thankfully, so, dinner was an 11.30 job in a very, swankily designed area, adjacent to the lobby and bar !!!!

I was greeted by a very cool, Peruvian waiter, named Rodrigo, who was very talkative, so, after having some, Delicious lamb, and an absolutely, spot on steak, with lots of Latin spices and a Colombian Bread, that just melted as soon as it touched my palette, he explained that the restaurant was owned and designed by a Mexican, who had a chain that was in places from, New York to Dubai, and to be fair, it wasn’t cheap, but, wasn’t crazy expensive either, but man, the food was exquisite !!!!!

Had a selection of what appeared to me, to be, steroid abusers, well, body builders, at the table across from me, a sight that I not only expected to, but, did see during the next couple of days in Miami !!!!

Maybe they were clean … ???

…. but, this is Miami, and, as Rodrigo and I ended up discussing, as cool as Miami is, pretence in Floridians, is as common as you’d expect in a place where money is flaunted !!!

We spoke on a multitude of topics, and he explained, that I could walk around safely, but shouldn’t do it downtown, as crime is quite regular, and we’re talking some pretty nasty ish’ … !!!

People are regularly held up, or, as he stated, CUT UP … by those below the poverty line !!!

However he stated that rather than head to South Beach, I should try the, Brickell Village, as its bars and clubs stay open, pretty much, through the night, and has a cool vibe, and, Hot Chicas’, are all over the place !!!!

As our conversation became more extensive, he explained about his reasons for leaving his home in Peru.

The story, sadly, encompassed being impoverished, and as beautiful as Peru is, he warned against staying in Lima, as crime levels have increased considerably, in recent times there.

Considering he was working, we really did have a very extensive conversation, which broached everything from, family, to appearance and judgement, as he explained that he liked to rock a FULL ON, ” Billy Goat Gruff “, type of look, which his wife, and work, prohibited him from sporting, and he suggested that, my hair would draw, quite a lot of attention, but was a popular look in Miami.

Well, as ever, I explained that it’s not all good, and that it tends to expose ignorance in people, pretty quickly !

Thus, time to find out if he was right, well, as ever, being in a money environment, exposes you to a very different attitude from people, because of the assumption, that you must be loaded !!!

Well, as I hit the bar for my customary, holiday XO, a white guy who was there on his own, immediately said hello, and chat began.

He was a very, cool looking, 50 year old dude, and he quickly stated, was a 6 figure earning realtor, who had found God, a recently born again Christian, so, I was on some …

“Okay, let me drink my drink and move on type vibes “, in my mind, but, as he talked more, he said he was a Rotarian, and that he was in the process of trying to provide affordable housing for the poor, that encompassed, I guess, more than the norm, as in, providing schemes to not only house, but to, educate and provide ways to employ, and secure things like, child care, so that these people could eventually sustain themselves gainfully, as he claimed his, Christian faith, had instructed him to do this !!!!

An interesting chap right … ???

He also claimed to have invested 300 thousand dollars, of his own money, over the last three years, and had networked with developers, to bring his idea to fruition, downtown, in Miami.

Indeed, an interesting guy, who then explained that he’d just got divorced, due to meeting another Christian Woman, who was a catalyst for change in what was clearly, a wealthy, but, unhappy existence !

Interesting doesn’t even, begin to explain this dude, as he then invited me to go partying with him !!!!

Hmmmm…. Quite the Christian, as he explained when we left the bar, at 2 am, to go looking for a good time !

Well, as he explained about his run ins wih women and hookers in Miami … It wax clear he wasn’t quite as, squeaky clean, as I suggested to him, a Good Christian should be !!!!!!

He seemed to appreciate my candour, so, then was like, “i’m gonna take you to The Brickells'”, so we can look for some pussy !!!!

I was of course, willing, and next thing he was taking me to his apartment, or, should I say Private Condo building, to pick up his car, well, TRUCK !!!!

… so we could drive to a favourite spot of his called, ” The Blue Martini ” …. A bar come club.

It reminded me of some, Dave Chappelle stand up, where he spoke on white peoples’ attitude to breaking the law, when driving, as my newfound, buddy for the night, Robert, had already had a few too many to be driving, i’d imagine, according to local law !!!!

Now, he wasn’t like, blind drunk, but, was def’ over the limit, not that he cared one iota !!!!!

So, as he takes me into this, again …. Very Plush Building … !!! … with, reception security as we entered, we go up like, 20 floors, and then I see this blacked out, heavy duty, pick up, that now proved he was no bullshitter !!!!

Money – YES, clearly in ABUNDANCE !!!!!

So, off we go, the truck was, SO BIG, that it could barely make the bends, to get out of the car park !!!!

Classic Mustangs, etcetera, on every floor !!!!

As we roll into the village, he points out new developments downtown, that are far from affordable, but, have waiting lists to get into !!!

1 & 2 bed condos’ that go for 300 thousand Dollars, upwards, that are in 60 floor buildings !!!!!

We get to the bar at 3, and he says it shuts at 4 !!!!!

The doorman, when he sees me, is ready to turn me away, until I drop, that the bar needs some London vibes !!!!

He smiles, but, as I have no I.D. …. He starts trying it, and basically, demands cash for him to let me in, so I get him to accept a 20, but, the cover is still a further 50 to get in !

Robert, who was vex that I paid the doorman, without batting an eyelid, covers the 50 for me, and party time begins !!!!!

Well, cool spot it was !!!!!

One floor up from ground level, all on one floor, but, with an outdoor bar, as well as two other bars, and people could dance where they wanted.

Latin tunes were thumping, with that, electronic edge to them, a mostly, mature crowd, so, we were good !

My man was scoping immediately, so, as I said to him, quite the Christian …. Ha Ha …. !!!!

So, having bought the first drink, the lil’ hottie’, who served it, got REALLY Pissy, when she received no tip !!!!

It was like a Reservoir Dogs moment, as, unless I get some exceptional service, i’m not tipping, just because ?!?

However, as Robert quickly explained, the service industry staff in The US, get paid so poorly, that they need their tips, so, I obliged, mainly because …. she was f’ing hot !!!!!

So, we started to prowl, and BOOM …. It was as if this, Super Fine Chica’, could smell the money, and Robert was that dude !!!!!

So, after he bought us, two HUGE Cohiba’ Cigars !!!!!

I told him to get on her cos’, she was eyeing him up …. and, he was in like Flint !!!!!

She was tall & sexy, but, very flirtatious !!!!

So, I started to get down to the tunes, and drank and smoked to my hearts content …. and had a great time, til’ 5 !!!!

In the meantime, Robert had dished the girl his business card, but said that he knew she used him for drinks, but, for that, he got to grab her up !!!! tits and ass, but he was one of quite a few, who did …..

Different town, same old ish’ ….

Hot chicks doing their, teasing and gold digging thing, which now, makes me laugh, because they’re so f’ing obvious !!!

So, Crazy Night … Crazy Christian Guy …. But I had a great time !!!!!

The Virge, getting some Miami vibes, thankfully, without the vice !!!!!

Onwards and upwards, as my next trip would take me to Honolulu, Hawaii ….

More to come folks …..


The Virge

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